64/365- unzombuki custom pullip Cheshire

Through various circumstances I seem to have come into possession of the only unzombuki in the world. First let me do a little bit of background, zombuki are colorful unconventional customs based on the idea of combining zombies and kabuki (originally inspired by America’s Next Top Model but has since moved above and beyond that) Pbrigitte is their creator. Opinions on zombukis within the pullip community are kind of split either people love them or hate them there is very little middle ground.  While I personally liked some of them I could never quite picture myself actually owning one as if  I am going to spend that amount of money on a doll I have to absolutely love everything about it.  I absolutely admire Brigette’s photography and her phenomenal marketing skills as well as her styling choices .

If anyone remembers back to when I attended the first Animadness Meet I mentioned seeing Cheshire the zombuki for the first time and how she was a bit underwhelming. I was a bit disappointed with her as at that point I was considering buying her from her owner as I am a bit of an Alice in Wonderland fanatic and she just fell a bit short of my expectations. Requiemart ended up talking to the owner and offered to do the unthinkable and recustomize a zombuki (for free too).
Here she is now, after she has been recustomized by requiemart. Due to various circumstances the original owner had to sell after all, and I had contacted her previously saying that if she decided that she couldn’t keep her for any reason to please contact me. I was contacted about a month back and we worked out a payment plan so I could take her home with me after the next Boston area meet (which was yesterday)- now you all know where my fun money has been going this month ^^; .

I personally love her now, she just looks a lot more complete to me now like the original was a sketch. I knew that even though she wasn’t truly a zombuki, she was the one that was truly meant for me I am so glad I was able to get my hands on her. For those of you who don’t remember what Cheshire looked like beforehand, I took this picture of Cheshire before she was taken away to be recustomized at the original Animadness meet.
Since Cheshire has been recustomized she really isn’t a zombuki anymore, it has been decided that she is unzombuki (especially relevant because she is based of an Alice in Wonderland character ). The recustomization was pretty drastic, the only part of her that is original zombuki are the outer extended eyelashes although those have been tweaked a bit. Requiemart has gone on record saying she would never customize a zombuki again for love or money because of all the extensive work involved as it is a lot harder to recustomize a doll than to start from scratch. She worked approximately eleven hours over two days on her.


I am very happy to own such a unique girl, I can truly say I do not have another doll even remotely similiar to her so she will definitely stand out on a shelf once she leaves my desk and joins the rest of my fairly extensive Alice in Wonderland crew. Please understand, I bought her because I truly love her it is immaterial to me if anyone else really likes her and just to be really clear I also didn’t buy her to cause an excessive amount of drama in the pullip community, I wouldn’t spend that amount of money (she is my most expensive custom thus far) just to cause some petty drama.

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2 Responses to 64/365- unzombuki custom pullip Cheshire

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Not like her!? What’s not to like! She is amazing! I like her the most of all of your recent hauls.

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks ❤ I love her but I realize that the more abstract customs are kind of a take it or leave it thing, people love them or hate them. It's funny because when I first started collecting I swore I would never own a zombuki now I own a former one.

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