51/365-Pleinair-san Figure

Today’s picture of the day is another of my Pleinair-san figures. I rather like Pleinair-san’s character design but more importantly and the real reason why she was picked as today’s picture of the day is after spending all day running back and forth to my storage unit stowing away figure/doll boxes somehow the thought of deboxing another figure made me physically ill. Pleinair-san had the obvious benefit of already being deboxed, and was looking quite adorable on the shelf so I decided to grab her.

This picture of the day almost didn’t happen, I had a nasty fall on the way down my back steps and ended up going down an entire flight of stairs hard. Luckily nothing was broken, I dislocated a few things on the way down but everything was able to popped back in place and Pleinair’s car came apart in a few pieces luckily it popped back together fairly easily. I went back up to apartment and then after I took some meds for the blinding pain I decided it prudent to go down the front steps this time and grab a quick picture for today’s picture of the day.

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3 Responses to 51/365-Pleinair-san Figure

  1. Leonia says:

    This figure is definilty cute !

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    Ah, a week ago I slipped down our staircase. I was bruised pretty badly, but nothing dislocated. I’ve never dislocated anything before *shiver* the thought really scares me but it’s better that then breaking a bone!

    • kleintoys says:

      My right arm is kind of “trick” at this point I can pop it in and out of joint without too much discomfort as it has happened to so many times and all the nerves in that arm are shot to hell. Dislocating an elbow was something new for me and was extremely painful. I actually ended up cracking ribs which I didn’t even realize until a little bit later that is giving me the most problems at the moment ^^; I still can’t sit either because I basically turned my bum into a pin cushion for splinters, they are all removed now but it still hurts like hell. I’ll be down for the count for a while after this one lol.

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