Doll Wish List

I decided to make a new doll wish list because well it’s been a while since I have and I was asked to make a more up to date one. You will probably notice that pullips and friends are conspicuous in their absence, while I still love them I am in a good place with my collection at the moment and I am actively trying to just buy customs and the new releases as they are released. I haven’t fallen out of love with pullip, I just have everyone I want at the moment and the dolls that I still want are customs it would be rather hard to quantify for our purposes here.

Please note these are in no specific order, I am not currently buying anything this list is just for my and one other person’s future reference (Valentine’s Day, my birthday aren’t that far off). Some of the dolls on the wish list are more likely than others, Little Fee Leah (Sugar Plum Full Set) for example will definitely be my next bjd on layaway as soon as I finish paying off Little Fee Bisou (Girl Bear Full Set) while others like Volks Super Dollfie Rozen Maiden Suiseiseki is not as likely because while I like her, I don’t love her enough to justify the price. I also do not expect or even want to get every doll on this list, it would be way too overwhelming to have that many larger dolls ^^;
Current Doll Wish List
From right to left starting in the top row (I will work my way down from there)
1. Fairyland- Little Fee- Leah Sugar Plum Full Set
Pro- While she is very similiar to Ante (I own the first version of Ante) she is not another version of Ante, I love her stock and just everything about her.
Con- None, as soon as Bisou is paid off I intend on putting her on layaway immediately.

2. Fairyland- Pukipuki- Cupid 2- Basic
Pro- So adorable, pukipukis don’t take up that much space..
Con- I said I was done with pukipukis at three, if I allow myself a fourth one the floodgates may open >__<

3. Fairyland- Little Fee- Ante Petit Ange
Pro-  I absolutely love her, she is too precious for words.
Con- I already have an Ante albeit another version..

4. Fairyland- Little Fee- Lishe
Pro- I love Alice
Con- Lishe might be too menacing to be my Alice

5. Volks- Super Dollfie – Nono
Pro- Absolutely perfect bjd
Con- I have no idea what I would do with her

6. Volks- Yo-SD- Lillie
Pro- Would make a perfect Kanaria to match my Hinaichigo Volks Yo-SD
Con- Not sure I really need a Kanaria might make me want to build the cast, not sure I want to open floodgate on that ^^;

7. Volks – Dollfie Dream (MDD)- Illya
Pro- My absolute most wanted, I adore her character and her as a doll.
Con- None (slight nag at the back of my brain that she is an odd size I haven’t handled before but I think I will get over it)

8. Volks- Dollfie Dream (MDD)- Louise
Pro- I love her vibrant character design
Con- Not really familiar with character

9. Volks- Dollfie Dream (MDD)- Al Azif
Pro- I love Al Azif, her doll form is too cute
Con- Indecisive about whether I like her or Etheldreda more seems to change depending on my mood, time of day, state of the moon

10. Volks- Dollfie Dream (MDD)- Etheldreda
Pro- I think I may like how Etheldreda turned out as a doll over Al Azif, I always seem drawn to the slightly darker characters
Con- Again indecisiveness about which one to choose, although I could almost justify getting both

11. Volks- Dollfie Dream- Feena Fam Earthlight
Pro- She is gorgeous, I already have Estel and I would love to take pictures of them together plus she would make it so Estel doesn’t stand out so much compared to the other.
Con- She’s pretty but is that enough to justify getting her?

12. Volks- Dollfie Dream- Erika
Pro- I really love her design pictures of her always draw me in
Con- I have absolutely nothing from this series, I am not familiar with it

13. Volks- Dollfie Dream- Asuka
Pro- Asuka is one of my all time favorite anime characters
Con- I kind of want to get Asuka & Rei at the same time which would be extremely expensive ^^;

14. Volks- Dollfie Dream- Rei
Pro- Gorgeous doll, Evangelion is one of my favorite series.
Con- I don’t like Rei as much as Asuka, while I could see myself getting Asuka by herself I can’t say about Rei

15. Volks- Dollfie Dream- Nia
Pro- I have two Yokos, of course I want a Nia ^^; Very unique doll
Con- I really dislike her eyes

16. Volks- Dollfie Dream- Saber Alter
Pro- If I was to get a Saber dollfie this would be the one
Con- I want Illya more than I want her, she’s actually pretty low on my wants list despite the fact that I already have Rin

17. Volks- Dollfie Dream- Fate
Pro- I love her character, the weapon, wig and stock are epic
Con- I hate her mouth sculpt ^^;

18. Volks- Dollfie Dream (DDY)- Escalayer
Pro- I love her expression, it’s so unique she makes a great doll in general
Con- Not really familiar with the hentai she comes from, I think she would kind of stick out with my other girls

19. Volks- Dollfie Dream- Mikuru
Pro- I ❤ Mikuru and it’s my favorite outfit of hers, I already have lots of epic picture ideas for her ^^;
Con- She couldn’t stay on her default body she would need a dynamite body, plus something seems to be lost in translation

20. Volks- Super Dollfie- Suiseiseki
Pro- Rozen Maiden dollfie, gorgeous doll and my favorite of the SD sized releases
Con- I like her but I am not in love with her, I would really have to be in love to pay $1500 +

21.Blythe- Ribbonetta Wish
Pro- Hello Kitty, favorite face mold and favorite hair color this blythe was made for me.
Con- She’s limited so price is a bit high.

22. Blythe- Ice Rune
Pro- She’s different from all of my other blythes, she just seems to have a special quality about her, high probability of my buying her
Con- She might be too different from my other girls, I have a lot of blonds already ^^;

23. Blythe- Aubrena
Pro- I love red haired blythes
Con- No matter how hard I tried I could not bond with my Adorable Aubrey

24. Blythe- Tarts & Tea
Pro- I’m an Alice addict, an Alice blythe would be epic
Con- She’s CWC limited so she will be rather expensive I fear ^^;

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6 Responses to Doll Wish List

  1. Rapunzel says:

    Just letting you know, your comments on a few of them seem to have been deleted. 😀

    • kleintoys says:

      WordPress seems to have snacked on part of my post :le gasp: I have fixed it now though thanks for the heads up 😀

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    LOVE the Dark Saber! For my dollie wish list I’m only listing Papin. I was overwhelmed by all the dolls I wanted to pay attention to earlier this year and cut back. But things are going great with Eve and Quinn and I figure having a 3rd girl won’t make the situation overwhelming, so I’d like to get Papin this year.

    • kleintoys says:

      I like Dark Saber but I am not sure if I want her enough to justify the price, I don’t really have a problem spending a lot on a doll I really love but if I am not absolutely positive I tend to put them a bit lower on the wish list. Right now, I would kill for Illya.

      It is extremely easy to get overwhelmed by dolls, their numbers can spiral out of control rather quickly if you aren’t careful I probably have somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 some dolls between pullip, blythe, bjd and dollfie dreams and although I love them all it can be a bit overwhelming at times even for me.

    • kleintoys says:

      ps. papins never disappoint, she is the cutest pullip ever however if you do decide to get one and can’t bond she can probably join my rainbow clan

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