PSA- Animadness Pullip Meet- 1/23/2010

Animadness is hosting another pullip meet. The meet will be on Saturday, January 23rd at 2-5 pm. Animadness is located in Waltham, MA. This will be the second meet at Animadness, you can read about the first meet in my write up here. Animadness is offering 10% off of all pullips/dals/taeyangs as well as a free re-ment with purchase of any pullip/dal/taeyang, they are also going to be having two raffles this time one for everyone and one for everyone that purchases a doll. I’m personally not sure if I will buying any dolls unless they have the January releases in stock, I don’t have anymore pullips/dals on my immediate wants list at the moment. There will be photo ops and probably a swap again as well. More information can be found here.
^ Picture from the last meet

I will be attending this meet with zilla in tow, I will even make sure she brings along her blythe to the meet. I will be bringing along a suitcase full of pullips/dals probably a blythe or two as well as one of my Volks Super Dollfies and probably a Dollfie Dream or two so if anyone is in the area and wants to see what they look like in person this would be a good opportunity.  Somewhat of note, present circumstances do not allow me to attend Anime Boston or Puddle this year even though I was really looking forward to both events I just can’t go 😦 . My schedule is fairly insane for the rest of the year, plus I am fairly anti-social in general (^^;) so this will be one of the few opportunities to actually meet me in person if anyone was wanting to. There is at least somewhat of a silver-lining to my not be able to attend Anime Boston or Puddle this year though, I am effectively being bribed a dollfie per a missed event (yay for guilt trips).

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  1. hanahime77 says:

    Um I wanted to say that I really REALLY like your blog and I would like it if you read mine as well…it really isnt much..just a journal really and you probley wont like it but i wanted to share it with someone and i stumbled upon your blog and i really enjoy it alot…that is all

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