Goals for 2010

As we bid adieu to 2009, I have decided to make a list of goals for myself for the year 2010.

^ A picture of my namesake so this isn’t all text

General Goals
Clean the apartment– the current level of chaos is unheard of.
– Move to larger apartment or buy house
– Watch more anime, while on that subject when I do actually watch anime watch new stuff instead of re-watching old favorites >_<
– Read more manga, get caught up on what I need to
– Finish reading the gifted 250 gig hard drive of Batman and related comics, also finish reading Sin City
– Find some time for Halo 3 and Halo ODST seriously I could use the stress relief right now
– Completely beat the five games I am currently playing through on various systems, also want to play through Arkham Asylum on hard mode
– Actually have a cell phone last for more than one month, let’s just say it’s a good thing I have cell phone insurance as I have terrible luck with phones *gently cradles her three day old phone*

Doll Goals
– Keep up to date with collecting all the pullips/dals
– Actually get all of the pullips back up on the shelves and get everything organized again instead of current utter chaos
– Organize all the doll crap I have accumulated, possibly sell the excess
– Limit the number of non-essential pullips ie. try to cutback on the number of duplicates, focus on getting the new releases and customs, maybe a few taeyangs and well Papins don’t count…
– Keep to my blythe goal of no more than 26 blythes at a time, didn’t seem like so impossible a goal when I set it originally but I am already up to 15 (not counting the 7 sold) within a year of starting collecting.
– While on the subject of blythes.. Get a Kenner- haha! More realistically get Ribboneta Wish
– Get Dollfie Dream Grail- Illyavasal MDD
– Get Super Dollfie Grail- Nono
– Get other Super Dollfie Grail- Chii
– Get more dollfie clothing and shoes
– Resist urge to buy more pukis- I will have my third one soon and then my collection will be complete
– Try to resist the siren call of more Little Fees.. I can see that on failing.
– Go to Puddle (still debating feasibility and whether or not I can get time off of work)
– Finish Dollfie projects- Mahoro & Utena so project Komugi can start

Anime Figures and Swag Goals
– Go to Anime Boston
– Finish collecting all of the damned Pinky Street
– Reshelve figures, dusting needed and rotate out figures that have fallen out of favor stick them in storage until later
– Buy Disgaea 3- Rozalyn Nendoroid
– Acquire Figure grail – Nurse Witch Komugi figure Link
– Don’t get carried away with buying too many figures, be less impulsive with purchases
– Find and purchase the Mahoromatic and Disgaea towels that have been on my wish list for ages
– Build more kits, still in the middle of a perfect grade Gundam kit-
– Get the figures on my desk in some semblance of order
– Acquire Macross x Lucky Star figures
– Photograph more of my figure collection
– Get apartment clean enough so I can photograph a good portion of my figures anyway

Online Goals (WordPress/Flickr etc.)
– Organize this blog better, for those of you keeping a close eye on this site you may have noticed that I am already in the process of working on it.
– Organize flickr, delete older photos and replace with newer, better photos
– Finish various projects I have started but never completed here ^^;

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2 Responses to Goals for 2010

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    If the funds are there and if the market in your area is good should totally go for a house 🙂 or condo. Around here condo prices have plummeted, my friends love that they have a yard and that they don’t have to take care of it themselves.

    Buy Disgaea 3- Rozalyn Nendoroid
    Is she a pain to find now?

    Acquire Macross x Lucky Star figures
    I pre-ordered mine at TL, I’ll be devastated if they somehow don’t end up getting them. I’m REALLY REALLY looking forward to them. The photoshoots of happy owners have me anxious to own them as soon as possible.

    • kleintoys says:

      I am pretty much on my own now with just the one income which makes things a bit harder, the ironic thing is I own a house but cousin lives in it with her family it was supposed to be a temporary arrangement but I don’t think she has any intention of ever vacating.

      I guess the nendoroid is a pain to find, as I can’t find her anywhere in stock I miswrote her name it’s not Rozalyn, Rozalyn is the blond. I’ll pick her up eventually.

      I had them preordered at TL but my preorders are in a state of flux and considering they actually came out in September, I’m not even sure TL would have come through for me. They are reasonable on Yahoo Japan, I just want to get them all at once and haven’t had the spare funds lately as all spare funds are going for other things.

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