39/365- Bikini Rin Figure by Alter

This was actually taken very early this morning before work, I just now got home and around to posting this ^^;  I decided to photograph her because  she is one of my favorite Rin figures and I haven’t photographed her with my newer camera yet.  I am not quite sure I ultimately decided to photograph her over new stuff today, I still have dolls that need photographing as well as figures. Hell I still have figures that I haven’t gotten around to deboxing just yet ^^; Maybe this weekend.


I have to say out of all the Fate/Stay Night characters my love for Rin, is only second to my love of Illyavasal. I have to say Alter did an absolutely stellar job on her, the figure really seems to capture Rin’s essence. I was lucky to pick her up off of Yahoo Japan a while back, I am really glad I went through all the effort to get her as she was really worth it in my opinion.

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3 Responses to 39/365- Bikini Rin Figure by Alter

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Honestly, this is probably the most beautiful Rin out there. She is such a gorgeous character and I don’t think most figures do her justice.

    • kleintoys says:

      Of all the Rin’s the Dollfie Dream is my favorite ^^; Then this figure and magical girl Rin are tied as the best figure. It’s unfortunate that so very few of her own figures seem to capture her.

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