Snowday! Pullips playing in the snow

There is still a lot of snow on the ground from yesterday’s winter storm so I decided to not waste this precious opportunity and take advantage of it . I decided to take Vixen (Carol) and Snowflake (Winter Purezza) back outside for more pictures, and I also decided to grab Joyette (Requiemart Custom) and Emma (Hello Kitty) outside for photos.

Enough talk unto the photos- Snowflake sneaking up on Vixen..
Picture 1314
For those wondering about the snowman he is actually cookie jar I received as a gift for Christmas a few years back, while I didn’t really need anymore cookie jars (I have four others) this seemed like a good opportunity to actually get some use out of him.

My Winter Purezza, Snowflake is actually my favorite of the seasonal Purezzas. I am somewhat shocked at myself that I never brought her outside before this to play in the snow. She was actually one of the last two pullips I needed to complete my collection and I bought her along with my Vivien, Marilyn from Bobagirl, one of my quasi-pullip idols (she had previously collected all of the pullips) when she decided to downsize her collection.
Picture 1306
I know Snowflake is kind of an odd name for her but at the time it seemed to be the only name to really suit her.

I bought my Carol- Vixen a while ago but never really took many pictures of her. Carol is so overlooked in the pullip world, I am not sure if it is because she always seems to look a bit melancholy or if it is because her stock is downright bizarre. The bright side of there not being a whole lot of Carol love is that I got Vixen here, with full stock for a steal.

If my Jouet was home I would have taken her out for photos unfortunately she is still at Requiemart’s house while she is finishing up Joel (Jouet Taeyang), since I couldn’t photograph Jouet herself I decided to photograph the next best thing Joyette (Custom Jouet Pullip).
Picture 1286
She really looks like an ice princess all dressed in white.. She is wearing a rather odd mix of Vivien’s (coat) , Jouet’s (bear hood), Clarity’s (top), Ala’s (boots), Raphia’s (socks + skirt) stock pieces.
Picture 1295

The final member of the pullip snow day league was my newest arrival Emma (Hello Kitty). Although a bit under-dressed for the weather (in blythe Friendly Freckles’ stock) she had great gusto when it came time to play in the snow.
Picture 1304
I loved how the snow looked in her mohair wig, it just had this almost magical quality to it.
Picture 1302

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