New arrivals- Dolls & Anime Figures

Stuff from the past week, my Toyslogic package arrived yesterday and various dolls that arrived throughout the week. Although they are not pictured I did also get several small things for my pullips like a new two-tone wig, various clothes and a ton of LPS.
New Arrivals
Anime Figures-
Ikki Tousen- Sonsaku Figma
Prism Ark- Priecia Nendoroid
Shining Wind- Kureha Nendoroid
Kannagi- Zange-chan Nendoroid
Vocaloid – Rin & Len GSC Figures
Gurren Lagann- Sheet Set

Pullip- Hello Kitty (rewigged)
Taeyang- Horizon
Pullip- Comic-con Exclusive LE 300 Lala

This should be for new arrivals until Christmas when I get to unwrap the anime goodies/dolls Santa brought me. I have ascertained that there is at least one pullip and one blythe under the tree, I recognize the shape of the boxes anime figures are kind of harder to gauge though so I can’t tell if there are any under the tree at the moment.

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