27/365- Love Hina- Naru by Max Factory

I live in New England, it’s only around 20 degrees outside and that does not factor in the wind chill so I know this choice for picture of the day is kind of a strange one. I chose to have Naru as my subject matter for today’s picture of the day not because I miss the summer and am trying to think warm thoughts but because I received this figure as a Christmas gift a few years ago. Getting her as a Christmas gift especially from the person who gave it to me was rather unexpected, it was a really touching gesture but it had an odd effect on me – whenever I see this figure I automatically think Christmas. I actually got her as a gift from a fellow collector, I had given him some help finding some extremely hard to find/limited stuff so he wanted to do something nice for me and knew that she was one of my figure grails. The only strings that were attached to this gift was that I never reveal who gave it to me. I had wanted this Naru figure for years but could never quite justify the cost for her, yes she is gorgeous and always has been but her price on the secondary market for a while was really up there and well there were a lot of other figures out there to chase. I couldn’t believe just how gorgeous she was in person when she arrived.

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