Arrival- Richt Taeyang

Although my Richt Taeyang actually arrived last week from Pullipstyle I have fallen behind in my blogging things as they arrive lately so I am just now getting to blogging him. He had peaked my interest ever since he was announced but I resisted the urge to preorder him only to end up buying him soon after his relief. Normally when a pullip or dal is released and I don’t have them preordered I experience a certain level of panic/uneasiness that I don’t have it yet but I normally don’t care all that much about the taeyangs, but as soon as this boy was released it was like I had a biological need to get him.
While I know he is supposed to be a member of a Visual Kei band, his pants seemed like they would be some pretty epic stripper pants. I decided to name him Rosiel, he is intended to be the brother of my Alexiel (rewigged Ala) both of them get their names from the anime/manga Angel Sanctuary. He is also the lover of Valhalla (Naomi).
Valhalla and Rosiel
He has already managed to work his way up the ranks to become one of my favorite boys, I think my favorite is still Hollis Heartspark (rewigged/rechipped Maguna) though.
Rosiel Valhalla & Rosiel Rosiel

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