25/365- Pullip Noir and Taeyang Horizon

Today’s picture is of Anarchy (Pullip Noir) and her new paramour Loki (Taeyang Horizon).
Loki arrived a few days ago, I had been wanting a Horizon ever since he was announced almost two years ago but somehow the opportunity to get him never really presented itself before. A few times I literally had money in my paypal account I had saved up specifically to buy Horizon but I always got distracted by something else once it was a sweet deal on an obistued Rovam, another time it was a gorgeous custom. For as long as I had daydreamed about him I was never exactly sure what I was going to name him or who I would pair him up with once he arrived. I toyed with the idea of pairing him with a few different girls, but then I put him next to Anarchy on the shelf and the pieces just seemed to click into place. Anarchy has been with me for a while now, normally she is one of my favorite pullips to photograph but recently I haven’t been photographing her as much. She unfortunately had a fairly bad mishap recently and had to be obitsued. Anarchy has always held a special place in my heart, I consider her to be the leader of my more sinister or evil dolls.

When I first got Anarchy I knew she would have a second in command named Loki, but Horizon isn’t Anarchy’s first Loki, I previously had two other pullips that were Loki. The first pullip named Loki was a rewigged Rida that I traded to Requiemart and the second was a custom by requiemart that I ended up trading away for my second Mitzi, Ivy. Neither of the other two Loki’s were really what I had envisioned for the role but I think this time Horizon may fit the role perfectly.

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