The Valley of the Dolls is awesome. Although I don’t order from them as often as pullipstyle, I have never had a problem with or any complaints about them. The service there is phenomenal if you ever have the cause to email/call them, Scot (the owner) is very nice and will work with you. He is really good at tracking down older/rare dolls. They have a sales section on their site that normally has some pretty decent deals but they also have these awesome OOB (Out of Box) sales where they sell old display models/returned dolls at rock bottom prices. These sales are kind of irregular and will just be posted at random points during on their somewhat quiet forum and normally all the dolls get snatched up pretty quickly. Some of the dolls are just opened/out of box others might have been used for harvest parts (missing arms etc) but all that is clearly noted (no pictures though) and the worse condition the better the price and well my attitude is I can always find spare bodies or obitsus, hell I even have a few parts only bodies hanging around. I’ve bought from these sales in the past (a Cornice head, Tweety and J-doll Church St probably a couple of others too) without complaint but one hasn’t been posted in a while so I was kind of checking the forum at random intervals. I hadn’t logged in a few days, then I decided to log-in last night and seen all the insane deals I missed out on ($55 Street T_T), I tried in vain to get a second Magical Pink-chan for myself but Scot said that while she was sold out he was going to list more dolls soon. When I checked my email this morning I noticed he had already posted up the new dolls. After a rapid flurry of emails I secured four new dolls (two taeyangs/one pullip/one dal) for myself all for $164.50 shipped.

f927_01 F922_01
Tantus                            Another King

Another Clock Rabbit-Promo-1 f573_01

Another Clock Rabbit               Another Alice

The four dolls I ended up with ranged from $35 to $45 in price. All are OOB and come with most or all of their stock, Another Alice is the only damaged one. One of her arms is missing and the other one has a broken wrist. There are no body matches for the Another series -yet- but I decided to take a chance on Requiemart’s amazing paint matching skills and since she has a Another Queen with a broken wrist I know it is on her list of things to do so my second Another Alice will eventually have a whole body until then when I photograph her I will have to borrow arms from Another Queen ^^; . I emailed Requiem and alerted her to the sale and she got a couple of the dolls she had been after as well and I discussed Another Alice with her then and she said the paint match is on her to do list. Of the four I originally asked for, I got two immediately (Another Clock Rabbit and Tantus) then about five minutes later I got a second email saying one of the other dolls (Another King) I asked about had become available and then I decided to take chance on a second Another Alice. Tantus and Another King had been on my wishlist for a while, I had been considering duplicates of Another Alice and Another Clock Rabbit as well so I was really glad I was able to get the dolls I did. I was shocked I was able to get such low prices on the Another set as it was, they are limited to 500 and for a while ACR was selling for a quite bit on the secondary market before VOTD restocked her.

Wasn’t I just saying I was slowing down in buying pullips/dals/taeyangs in the last entry…

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