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123/365- Youtsuzu Pullip- Valley

Skipping blogging another day because I can…I got a Youtsuzu with a stuck eye mechanism during VOTD‘s last OOB sale. After fixing her eye mechanism, I initially had problems bonding with her so I was actually thinking of trading her … Continue reading

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A sad day for the pullip world- VOTD no longer carrying pullip..

I was literally on VOTD‘s website yesterday morning and all the pullips were still listed although there were a large number of dolls that were sold out. Someone posted that they had on the website and pullip and friends were … Continue reading

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Arrival- Another Alice- Elise

I think it is safe to say I am addicted to Alice in Wonderland. When VOTD had a OOB broken Another Alice my interest was immediately peaked, the only potential deal breaker was the broken part as the another series … Continue reading

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The Valley of the Dolls is awesome. Although I don’t order from them as often as pullipstyle, I have never had a problem with or any complaints about them. The service there is phenomenal if you ever have the cause … Continue reading

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