Arrival- Angelic Pretty Maretti Dal- All caught with pullips and dals

I have actually had Maretti for a while now, I picked her up at Animadness Pullip Party but never got around to blogging her until now. I decided earlier in the year that all dals were getting alcohol names (or they could their stock names, customs are exempt from this rule) so her actual name is Pink Squirrel. I decided to nickname her P.Q. after the character from Knights of Ramunes because during the pullip party when I was kind of checking out Animadness-the store out I noticed they had the OST of Knights of Ramunes which I thought was hilariously random. Ironically, I am now kind of regretting not picking up the OST as I love the theme song.
Picture 980
Maretti was always my favorite of the announced Angelic Pretty collaborations, the little details like the silverware on her hairband kill me. Her stock while very lolita-ish isn’t overly frilly like Sfoglia’s and isn’t quite as over the top despite the silverware. Her face up is also really cute. Her wig is surprisingly good quality and I love the color, it suits her well. Her shoes are probably my favorite dal shoes ever, they are just so delicate and feminine looking.
Picture 978 Picture 977

Now that I have Maretti, I am all caught up on owning all of the pullips/dals again I always seem to get caught up around this time year (October/November). I the November releases- Naomi and Edge are on the way from Pullipstyle I had preordered Naomi but I was just able to scrape together the cash and order Edge last night. I already have a wig on hand intended to replace Edge’s stock wig (and a back up wig if I decide I don’t like the replacement wig on her) as I can’t stand her stock wig.

I remember earlier in the year I had set the goal of not going over 200 pullips(/dals/taeyangs) this year and well I have already exceeded and am currently at 206 with two more actively in the mail, another dal on layaway and more likely. Maybe my new goal is not to match last year’s overall number purchased which was like 116, I’m at less than 50 now so I think I am in pretty good shape for that goal. Starting to collect other dolls like bjds, blythes and dollfie dreams has slowed down my pullip collecting a bit, so although I bought less pullips this year my overall doll costs probably remained about the same ^^; . Ideally now, I just try and purchase the new releases as they come out and customs but I ended up buying a few more Papins and some boys ^^;.

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