Taking Photo Requests/ Suggestions

So here’s the situation- I have sexy new camera, tons of stuff to photograph but lately I have no idea what is is I want to photograph besides my Little Fee Ante, Marie who has recently become a bit of a camera whore. As much as I love photographing my little camera whore I need some variety and I bet my flickr contacts are getting pretty bored with seeing Marie so much. I hate being this stumped when it comes to inspiration so I thought I would open the floor up for suggestions.. can be dolls or anime stuff this list will give you a pretty decent idea of what I have. The side tabs on this blog have a better/ more detailed information on my dolls. Please note while most of the stuff is on hand, some of the figures that have fallen out of favor are currently at my storage unit and I do have a handful of dolls out on loan at the moment some are with Requiemart and a few are down in Texas to help a friend out with a panel on dolls at a local anime convention. Things I won’t do- ultra loli naughty shots, I have had requests in the past for upskirt shots on Lucky Star figures while I am not really prudish about doing upskirt shots in general I reserve the right not to photograph certain figures in certain ways.


the little camera whore

The first person who suggests a picture of my entire collection will be shot 😛

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