Arrival- Kindle Custom Leprotto Dal

I picked up Kindle the morning of the meet at Requiemart‘s house before we left to go to the meet. Kindle was a happy mistake. Requiemart made her then realized her skin tone was too pale and offered to trade her for one of the dals that had a slightly darker skin tone, so she could make a more accurate Leprotto dal. I thought she was absolutely adorable as is, so I immediately ordered requiem a Colline and took Kindle home with me yesterday.
Kindle came nude/bald I am going to commission an outfit for her and this is probably not her permanent wig. She is actually wearing Mimi’s Utena wig which turned out to be too damn small for her and since it was hanging around unused I decided to use it for Kindle. The outfit was just something quick that matched the wig ^^; I eventually plan to get her a wig similiar in color to Leprotto’s, possibly an Aquel wig as the style would be really cute on her. I apparently have a weakness for bunny pullips/dals as I now own six. For those wondering about her strange name- Kindle, is the proper name for a group of young rabbits seeing how she is based off of Leprotto and all, I thought it rather fitting.
Kindle Kindle Kindle

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2 Responses to Arrival- Kindle Custom Leprotto Dal

  1. rapunzel00 says:

    She has such an amazing face up ❤ ❤ And there's nothing wrong with bunny dolls, they're so cute the more you have the better they are 😀 Pretty soon you'll have yourself a bunny army XDXD

    • kleintoys says:

      Requiemart does amazing work, I am lucky that I live somewhat close by to her so I get so see almost all of her lovelies. Well you know the thing rabbits is that they multiply quickly lol.

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