Animadness Store

I recently attended the Pullip Masquerade at Animadness, while I had seen their booth at Anime Boston earlier this year this was my first time visiting their actual store. Animadness is located in Waltham, MA as of this writing while they do have a website but they are not open to online ordering just yet.

Picture 871

I was pleasantly surprised despite it’s relatively small size (perhaps I am spoiled by having spent some time in CA where the anime stores tend to be a bit larger) it had quite a bit of a selection and the prices were really reasonable. As far as what they actually carried, they had a little bit of everything anime related- lots of figures, plushes, pullips, osts, wall scrolls, t shirts, some gashapon/re-ment and some kits. Their OST selection kind of astounded me, they actually had a Lamune Fresh and 40 soundtrack. On the subject of music, they had a varied soundtrack playing while I was there I heard music from Noir and Revolutionary Girl Utena among others. They seemed to have a variety of wall scrolls I had never even seen before which I personally thought was kind of cool.

Picture 870

Figure prices seemed especially reasonably, they also had a good selection of new figures as well as some older figures. They had a display case with several open figures in it that I thought was pretty nice as it let you see what the figures looked like outside of their boxy prisons. If they weren’t two hours away from me I would definitely make this place more of a regular haunt. Hell, I’ll admit it..I am trying to think of an excuse to drive up there next weekend already.

Picture 872

I didn’t actually buy any anime stuff this trip as I was there for a pullip meet, and their selection got the better of me (plus there was a 10% discount if you brought a doll with you as well as a free blind box rement). The shop workers seemed really nice and pretty knowledgeable, which is always a plus I personally hate it when I go to a store and the people don’t even seem to know what they are talking about and I am talking really basic stuff (like in another anime store can you get me that Haruhi figure down? Haruhi wtf is that ).

Picture 873

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2 Responses to Animadness Store

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Animadness looks pretty good! I’m particularly tempted by the wall scroll selection you mentioned, finding the right wall scrolls that aren’t cheap bootlegs is a bit difficult for me.

    • kleintoys says:

      I was pretty impressed, I am almost thinking of taking another run up soon to look a little bit more closely at the actual anime stuff. The wall scrolls were probably bootleg, legal wall scrolls are pretty rare and expensive they did have a fairly decent variety though. None of the figures were bootlegs.

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