Animadness Pullip Party

I will do a separate post about the store in general, this post will just be focused on the doll meet that happened at it yesterday. Approximately twenty pullips collectors descended on the store, this has by far been my largest pullip meet ever. I think the next largest had like seven or eight people, some people came from as far away as Syracuse, NY for this event. I drove up to requiemart’s house in the morning and we drove to the meet together because I fail directions and would have ended up in Canada rather than Waltham, MA.
The scary part is this wasn’t all of them more people arrived a bit later and also added their dolls to the massive display. There was a pretty good variety of dolls at the meet, I personally brought 14 with me including one blythe, one of my bjds and of my dollfie dreams as people had never seen them in person and were curious about them. I feel as though I personally miss out on some of the fun of meets because well I have all the dolls, so the allure of seeing some of the dolls in person is kind of lost on me. Requiem brought quite a few dolls with her as well, we basically took up a shelf and a half with our dolls ^^; There was even a Zombuki there, zombukis for those of you who don’t know are were originally based off of an idea from America’s Next Top Model but the designer has gone above and beyond that idea now. There is a definite division in the pullip community about zombukies, they are either being tremendous, unique pieces of art or as overpriced, unoriginal custom. I personally love the way the designer puts together outfits and gorgeous photoshoots but I was kind of unimpressed after seeing Cheshire in person, maybe it is because I am spoiled and am used to requiemart’s flawless customs ^^; That being said I did really like Cheshire but at the price she actually went for I expected a bit more, her lips for example appeared to still be partially stock just reshaped.
We did a group photo of all the dals together. Most of them belonged to me and Requiem. I brought along my JP couch and chair unfortunately the couch got broken in transit twice so me, the glue and the couch have a date later. I am hoping I can fix it >_<.
There was a small swap but it was kind of unorganized. I ended up with some re-ment, a new fur wig and a mini pullip Raphia. I basically got the mini Raphia because she is a good skin tone match for Papin so she went home with Requiemart who is going to customize her into being a Papin mini for me.

Of course the store itself does actually sell pullips and I am not the type to leave empty handed. Thanks to two Visa gift cards I had, I was able to bring home two new dolls with me. I bought Maretti and Papin. I bought Maretti because she is the last dal I needed to be all caught up and she is super adorable and I bought Papin well because she is a Papin and I hadn’t bought one from a physical store yet.
IMG_0184 IMG_0144

Of course once I got home, zilla had other ideas about who Maretti’s owner was. It took me hours to get her back.
Silly me Not going to give up without a fight

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9 Responses to Animadness Pullip Party

  1. rapunzel00 says:

    Aww! ❤ How did you eventually coax Zilla to hand it over?

    And it sounds like the meet was a lot of fun ❤ That group shot of dolls is huge! XDXD

    • kleintoys says:

      I had to dig in my doll bag for the one blythe I brought along to the meet, zilla has a preference for the blythes you see and will drop other dolls in favor of blythe.

      It was definitely the largest meet I have ever attended unfortunately it was kind of chaotic and unorganized hopefully the next one will be a bit better organized.

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    “I personally miss out on some of the fun of meets because well I have all the dolls”

    That had actually crossed my mind before, that is if you get as much of a thrill seeing the collections of others as much as they got a thrill out of seeing yours.

    • kleintoys says:

      I always enjoy seeing requiem’s collection because she has so many amazing customs, I do get a level out of enjoyment seeing what other people do with their dolls and I always love seeing customs (plus I never get tired of seeing Papins stock/rewigged I really don’t care-I love them all) but I think some of the mystique is dead for me. I do admire how some of the doll’s were dressed/styled but the stock dolls were kind of meh for me.

  3. Brigitte says:

    Don’t worry, Cheshire’s lips aren’t stock at all, the stock color was completely taken off :3 I remove 100% of the stock makeup every time 😀

  4. DallyDoll says:

    I thought some of the zombukis still had partial stock face-up, like on the eyelashes…

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