Mourning and renewal…

I finally admitted defeat today and gave up my quest to get my grail, Volks Super Dollfie Hina Ichigo. I basically was given through today to raise funds made it 3/4 of the way there and then failed to come up with the rest of it. As much as I hate admitting defeat, it’s probably for the best I just noticed the hospital bill in within today’s mail O_O
hina ichigo
Maybe some day but not any time soon unfortunately..

In other doll related news, a friend of mine Dark_skada is currently having a dolly dilemma. She is having a hard time deciding whether or not she should sell her pullips to acquire her grail bjd. I have been a great admirer of her customized Papin- Juniper so I offered her a temporary doll swap with one of my dals so she could see if she actually missed Juniper or if she would be okay knowing Juniper was somewhere else. I called dibs on Juniper long ago, so if skada ever decides to sell her she would be coming to me.

Juniper arrived here today..
I have admired photos of her for so long it felt so weird to actually be holding her in my hands. It was such an unreal experience.

And of course the long awaited meeting of Clementine and Juniper. Clementine is my favorite pullip, I am the most emotionally attached to her out of all of my dolls. When I am hospitalized she is always sneaked in, whenever I go vacation or travel she is always stashed away in my bag and nine times out of ten she is sitting on my desk next to the keyboard as I type my entries here.

It’s kind of odd that Juniper did arrive today as I basically suffered the loss of one grail and got to meet the other. If Juniper ever was to be rehomed with me permanently it would be bittersweet as I know how much she means to Skada but at the same time it would also mean that Skada would have the potential to more happy with her grail doll.

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