Chase the rainbow

I am trying to focus on the positive at the moment.

Papin is probably my favorite stock pullip, something about seeing her on the shelf or even just pictures of her just make me smile. A long time ago, I jokingly set the goal that I would love to have a Papin rewigged in every color of the rainbow. Earlier this year I actually achieved that goal and took some pictures to commemorate my Papin rainbow (I am aware that I do not have a violet but a pink instead, I have a violet wig set aside for my next Papin). After completing the first arc of the rainbow I have slowly been working on acquiring a second arc to my rainbow.
A plethora of Papins

By popular demand today, I decided to take a couple of photos of my expanded rainbow mafia with special guest star Juniper.

From left to right- Eureka, Calliope, Button, Lacy, Juniper, Clementine, Aspen, Butterfly, Tangerine and Charlie.

Juniper is just a guest so she is not a permanent member of the rainbow mafia. I am not in a huge rush to complete the second arc of my rainbow that being said I have outfits/wigs at the ready for the next two members of the rainbow mafia ^^;

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2 Responses to Chase the rainbow

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I really like Juniper, if she were a permanent member I could see her and Clementine as the ringleaders of your rainbow gang.

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