Dollfie Family Photo

I still can’t bring myself to call them daughters but I took some group shots of my lovely ladies today.

Suzumiya being a bit of a ham ^^; and taking center stage.

I decided to take one with all of them sitting in the order they arrived; Kanu and Ryomou arrived on the same day but Kanu is generally acknowledged as first as she was the first one purchased. Rin and Estel also arrived on the same day together but their order tends to flipflop a bit as far as who arrived first.

and one more for good measure..

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5 Responses to Dollfie Family Photo

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I know I already said this on the forums but I LOVE that Suzumiya Dollfie! She is by far my favorite of your group! Although as soon as you get Yoko…that will probably be my all time favorite item in your collection of everything!

  2. Wolfheinrich says:

    Always love group shots! May be someday I would actually take all 7 of mine out for an outdoor group photo! I know I said it in DC, but congrats on Haruhi again! I look forward to seeing your next edition of story!

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