November Pullip Releases Announced- Visual Kei Edition

November’s releases were announced today, the Visual Kei prototypes are officially being made into releases. I am somewhat happy that they have standard release prices (8400 yen each) as I think I might be needing all three of them ^^;

Pullip- Naomi
She actually reminds me of Cinciallegra face up-wise. I absolutely love her and think she is gorgeous, I actually even really like her stock and think that it suits her well.

Taeyang- Richt
I love him too. His face up is wonderful and his stock suits him wonderfully. It has a nice punk edge to it. He’s actually a taeyang I want which is pretty rare, will probably have to preorder him.

Dal- Edge
Now I love Edge’s stock but what the hell is up with that chicken wig? that has to be the most unflattering wig I have ever seen (well MJ’s wig might beat but only by a hair).

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2 Responses to November Pullip Releases Announced- Visual Kei Edition

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Naomi is almost as tempting as Mir for me, I really love her stock. And the thing I loved best about Cinci was her face so it’s like Cinci if she had more flattering stock. That’s a really good combination! I promised I’d limit my Pullips so whether or not I get her is something I won’t know for a while. But it seems I chose the wrong time to start limiting myself because seems each new announcement is better then the last these days.

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