Transformers: Grimlock arrives.

I have a number of unfeminine pursuits, so many in fact I get the occasional email inquiring as to what my gender is O_o. I am a girl, I just happen to like video games, comics and the occasional Gundam kit/ Transformer ^^;

Which leads us to today’s post focusing on Transformers. I have somewhere between 30-40 Transformers currently in various different sizes/ styles/ vintages, I don’t really talk about them all that much though (some stuff like dolls I talk about more than others like my massive Invader Zim collection which I very rarely mention). I don’t even photograph the Transformers all that often ^^;
This was from the first and last time, I ever really took any of them outside. I am not even sure what possessed me to take out my Masterpiece Optimus Prime and Megatron (I somehow acquired the version without a cap so shhh!) that day.

Today my eagerly anticipated Masterpiece Grimlock arrived in the mail from BBTS, I had missed out on the original release so I wanted to make sure I got him this time. Grimlock will always hold a special place in my heart, not because he is my favorite (Starscream holds that distinction) but because the G1 version of him was my first transformer when I was a little girl.
Here he is with one of my other smaller Grimlock’s for scale. Grimlock consistently makes me laugh whether I am watching the old school animation or just looking at toys of him, I find the entire premise of his character absurd but I am inexplicably drawn to toys of him ^^;

Just a quick picture of him after I finally got him deboxed as I don’t want him to get lost in everything tomorrow (two fairly large TL packages are scheduled to arrive).

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6 Responses to Transformers: Grimlock arrives.

  1. LEon says:

    Glad that you got Master Piece Grimlock. Grimlock, King! LOL You have quite a number of Master piece in your collection.

  2. Kizo. . . says:

    Congrats on getting that. 😀 I never knew you collect Transformer. xD

    I would love to see your Invader Zim collection since that’s one of my favorite childhood’s shows.^^

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