Simply Preordered: Blythes Edition

TL packages are apparently arriving tomorrow as nothing came today.

In a complete departure from yesterday’s unfeminine post, this post will be focusing on dolls. I received an email today from a friend of mine, saying that he had noticed that preorders had opened for new blythes with pink and green hair.. New blythes says I O_o? With fantasy hair? I must have missed the memo on that one. I immediately brought up TIB and went to the new releases section where there was a new topic announcing the two newest releases Simply Peppermint and Simply Lilac. I subsequently logged into HLJ and got my preorder on ^^;

Simply Peppermint & Simply Lilac
Both blythes are RBL mold which makes me a bit ambivalent, it is my favorite mold but I was really hoping that a non-limited (re. not super expensive) FBL mold would be the next release. I will also point out now that my partner in crime is apparently colorblind as Simply Lilac’s hair is definitely lilac. Both come out in September and I am so super excited 😀

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2 Responses to Simply Preordered: Blythes Edition

  1. Kizo. . . says:

    That would makes sense the hair colors matching their names. xP

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