Another Doll Post

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Due to my obsession with Alice in Wonderland, I have a weakness for any Alice related dolls therefore I felt like I was really missing a Mad Hatter. I currently have nine dolls in my Wonderland crew including four different interpretations of Alice and two white rabbits.
My entire Alice crew
The custom Mad Hatter dress I commissioned from Angelberries is complete. It looks to be a perfect translation of the mini-dal’s stock outfit. I am very excited that now I will be able to have my a Mad Hatter of my very own now, now it’s just a matter of choosing which dal becomes the Mad Hatter.

In other exciting doll news, real life photos of Punkaholic People were revealed today. She has single-handily reaffirmed my affection for blythe, probably thanks to the fact that she looks quite a bit of a mini-me at the moment ^^;

I am in the process of going through another dolly purge, there is a doll I have been wanting for a long while and I finally found her for a somewhat reasonable price so I am letting go of some of my lesser loved dolls. Up for grabs are blythe (Saffy), pullips (Chill, a custom & Arietta), a dal (Hina Ichigo) and a bjd (Felixdoll Brownie- Allie), I might add more in the next day or two but I think that is it as that should give me more than enough to buy my grail doll. I have been too overindulgent lately especially since another DD was purchased recently, I am not going to allow myself to indulge again so soon without some form of penance. My grail is a Volks doll but not a dollfie dream this one is a proper bjd, if my plan to get my grail backfires I will probably buy another DD.

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5 Responses to Another Doll Post

  1. Kizo. . . says:

    I love your Alice in Wonderland dolls. [: My favorite has to be the Cheshire Cat. xD

    She looks so badass!~

    Hope you can get that Volk doll. 😀

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    Are you looking forward to the new Alice in Wonderland movie coming out? You also might like Coraline if you haven’t seen it yet, it has a similar theme to Alice in Wonderland.

    PS – I think Bythes look amazing when they have bangs, I like her look a lot.

  3. Calico says:

    Is that Hina Ichigo still up for grabs?

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