Dolls, dolls and more dolls

I am thinking about getting another bjd. After attending the bjd meet I decided that I really wanted another Little Fee as they are a really good size for me. I am torn between Flora or Lishe. I probably won’t order her until the middle of June.
flora lishe

My other puki should be paid off this weekend. I think I will buy one more puki after I buy the little fee.

My Sunshine Holiday arrived today. I decided to name her Summer Breeze. I rather like her and I absolutely love her stock.
summer breeze

I ended up preordering all three of the August dolls. I ended up preordering two of the pullip which I intend on splitting with someone basically because I think the pullip would be the perfect base for a custom pullip Harley Quinn. I did cave and preorder the byul, I am undecided if I will keep the doll itself but if I dislike it in person I will trade it to Requiem for bait and use the wig and stock on a dal instead.
angelic pretty

I plan on having a doll meet with Requiem next week, I am trading her two blythes plus a little cash for two customs. I will be trading my Adorable Aubrey and my Ashletina for Gogo and Nyx.
Gogo is one of Requiem’s personal customs, she is one of my personal favorites was very happy Requiem decided to re-home her. This picture was taken on one of her previous visits.

Pic by Requiem
Nyx was a custom done just for me by Requiem. She is combination of the Jun Planning custom on the front cover of the pullip mook and what Bianca (Noir’s opposite twin) should have been. She has a removable lip piercing on the opposite side of Noir. The lip piercing is a wonderful bit of innovation and engineering by Requiem as she was able to make it in such a way that you can not really see the hole for the piercing in the lip unless you are looking at it at the exact perfect angle. I was very pleased with her. Please note this is not her permanent wig or outfit.
lip piercing

I bought an eighth Papin. She is a rescue job as she was about to be sold as bait due to some very slight damage to her nose.

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2 Responses to Dolls, dolls and more dolls

  1. Miranda :) says:

    OH MY GOSH I’m obssed with your
    dolls their the PERFECT DOLLS EVER !!!!!!!!!!

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