Accumulated haul ….

I have been at Yahoo Japan again accumulating a nice variety of stuff over the past month, finally requesting all of said loot to be shipped to me as I cleared some room for it.
– Beat Blades Haruka- Volks- Narika Figure
– Blythe- Takara- All Gold in One
– Blythe- Takara- Love Mission
– Blythe- Takara- Rosie Red
Wonder Festival
– Fate / Stay Night- Alter- Illya Swimsuit Figure
– Fate / Zero- Saber and Illya Wonderfest Figures
– Final Fantasy VII- Squaresoft- Sephiroth Statue
– Gundam 00- Banpresto- Wang Liu Mei Figure
– Moe-tan- Kotobukiya- Ink Nijihara TV. color version
– Rozen Maiden- Animage- Shinku doll

Commentary- Beat Blades Haruka was purchased because I have a friend who owns it and after seeing it in person I had to have it plus it’s freaking huge compared to the Kotobukiya 1/8th (I imagine it will be huge next to the Alter one too.. once it arrives as I neglected to buy the Koto release ^^;).

All three of the blythes were purchased because I wanted a blythe with black hair, I bought Love Mission first but then a Goldie popped up a fantastic price and then I fell in love with Rosie Red so I bought her too. I might end up selling Love Mission as I feel I kind of settled on her and I only really need two blythes with black hair (well I only really need one but I am not willing to give up Rosie Red or Goldie without a fight).

The Fate / Zero two pack was purchased because I love Illya.. that’s basically the only reason why :P. I also bought the Fate/Stay Night Illya swimsuit figure for this reason. I had previously purchased her along with a few other figures from a shop overseas but the package somehow never arrived ^^; I think the post most of swallowed her whole.

I bought the Sephiroth statue because I am currently playing through Crisis Core and it struck me that I did not have enough figures of him (he being one of the extremely few males I will actually buy multiple figures of).

I bought Wang Liu Mei because I always regretted not preordering her. She is one of my favorite Gundam 00 characters.

I almost have enough Moe-tan figures to fill a small shelf.. almost so I decided to buy this one to kind of justify giving Moe-tan it’s own shelf ^^; plus she was quite cheap despite the fact that she is extremely cute.

I am a huge Rozen Maiden fan, I previously got the Suigintou that matched this Shinku for my birthday. I finally won one at the price I wanted after losing three auctions for her ^^;

I am paying roughly $500 all told for this package which may seem high until you put into context that the All Gold in One blythe has been known to go for over that amount all by herself.

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2 Responses to Accumulated haul ….

  1. - -Kizo says:

    Nice hunting, especially for such a low cost. xD

    &&; congrats on winning that preorder raffle for Rin! [:

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    $500 is a lot of money but it isn’t that much for all those items. I was expecting the total to be higher, especially when Blythes are involved.

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