It's my pleasure to serve you

I had preordered the re-release of this particular figure but canceled it after a bunch of impulse purchases as I needed to trim the fat a bit and while I liked it I did not like 5800 yen worth. About a week later I came across her on clearance somewhere else at 2500 yen, so I snatched her up immediately.

Her name is Takako and she is from Pia Carrot (Pia Carrot 3, I *think*). She is by Kotobukiya and she is 1/7 scale. I am not overly familiar with the Pia Carrot series of games/anime but I do like the character designs so I have a hanful of figures from it.

I must say I really am rather fond of her, especially at 2500 yen. I love the way her dress is done.

The facial expression could use a little work but overall a very cute figure that I am pretty happy with.

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4 Responses to It's my pleasure to serve you

  1. Oh! Ur pregnant?! I hope everyting goes alright! Such a cute name for Panda. So how do Blythe look up cose lol. I always thought they were very uncute ( Could not think of a wrd!) And they cost more than pullips! I think thats a total rip! That was sweet of your husband to get you a pullip. You’ll have to post pics of her if everting goes smoothly ^^

  2. uneetoile says:

    Congrats on Su-Lin! I like the name. 🙂
    Btw, it doesn’t really make a difference to your husband, but for you, the strike isn’t planned until the 18th. 🙂

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