Why so serious.. about dolls?

Well if it isn’t obvious already I like dolls. I spend ridiculous amounts of money on them and have amassed a fairly expansive collection of them. I like variety so I have a large collection, I like having options as far as who I want to photograph or dress up on a given day. They make me happy, I don’t care how others feel about them frankly as I bought them for myself not for your enjoyment but my own.

After working on it on and off the last week, I finally finished the Jun Planning sub-heading with the exception of the minis and my in pieces custom currently sitting on my desk. Feel free to take a look at my Jun Planning doll collection here
I didn’t realize I had already hit 175 until I actually did the list completely out.

My total doll numbers increased yesterday although there were no new pullips… I actually got four new dolls in the mail yesterday including three blythes and a Hot Toys Bank Robber Joker doll.

Blythe All three blythes including the mysterious gift blythe arrived yesterday, I kind of wish their arrivals were a bit more spread out as it was a bit overwhelming..

First up we have Alma, she is the Sunday Very Best I found for pretty cheap because she had ::gasp:: an opened box. Apparently dolls lose significant portions of their value when deboxed in the Asian market, that phenomenon does not really happen here as they don’t lose much value when you debox them here.

Next is Lela, she was my surprise blythe.. now when I was told she had red hair I was not anticipating fire engine red hair lol. I was pretty pleasantly surprised by her, although I love her and her stock just not together. I stuck her in Hangry’s stock for some photos.

And finally my favorite Daphne. I absolutely adore her, she may just be my favorite blythe of the ones I own she just seems to have a lot of youthful energy.

I am seriously in love with the Bank Robber Joker as well there are endless possibilities for mischief with him.. I mean he was out of the box ten minutes before he took poor Mikuru hostage. I just happened to be on the Hot Toys site earlier today and they are actually coming out with a third Joker doll.. I will definitely be preordering the new one.


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