Pinky Street

I recently bought some new pinky street including the latest batch of three and one of the ones I needed to complete my pinky street collection.

New releases-
Pinky Street 22-

Pinky Street 23-

Pinky Street 24-

And the older one.. A repaint of the original release, which is also much cuter and therefore more popular, therefore more of a pain to find >_<

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6 Responses to Pinky Street

  1. lovehaze says:

    Wow, this is the first I’ve seen of them! I think they’re terrible..they remind me of barbies.
    The outfits do anyway..they’re sort of cheap, and randomly thrown together looking :x.
    The dal herself is ok..pretty generic, nothing to get excited about.
    The pullip looks like a mess! She looks sickly..I don’t think neon colours will ever work with dark shading :x.
    Plus she has that weird puckered look, and some other odd, indescribable expression.
    I’m glad I have no interest whatsoever in these two.

  2. uneetoile says:

    lol, I’m like the opposite of you. I adore Dita’s faceup but I could definitely live without her outfit. ^^;;

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