June Pullips

Pullip Mir
The demon pullip from the catalog and a few of the previous shows has officially been announced. I love everything about her except her blush, it somehow reminds me of Blanche’s and I am not a big fan of Blanche personally. I love everything else about her so much though I may end up getting two of her.

Dal Puki
Another Alice doll, while I have a great love for Alice in Wonderland we already have Another Clock Rabbit and Another Soldier Rabbit I would have liked to have seen a Cheshire Cat. That being said she is as cute as a button so I will still be preordering her.

Little Pullip Bohso
Cute and will be preordering kind of wish she was a full sized release but the new minis are pretty cool in their own right.

Little Dal Neiryo
Something very scary going on with this little dal in a good way, love her and will definitely be preordering her.

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1 Response to June Pullips

  1. oneandonlyjem says:

    Kind of feel that Bosho has had collagen injections to her lips.

    I actually think the Little Dal Neiryo is beautiful. haha, oh my gosh. I am actually interested in one of them. Hell must’ve froze over for me XD (kidding)

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