Blythe Taking Over the Nation

Guess who is going to be in Target ads some time in the next month :O
Blythe Target Ad
I think in this case they are just being used to advertise I would die if Target actually started carrying blythe particularly if they were cheaper prices..

I don’t know what it is about these dolls. They are not traditionally cute, but I love the vintage vibe they always seem to have. In a way I regret getting Can Can Cat as I have since ordered my third from HLJ and preordered two others ^^;

Blythe kind of has a unique thing where they release preliminary vector drawings at the time a new doll is announced about a month and a half out, then a few weeks later they replace them with actual pictures of the final product.
I ordered “Friendly Freckles” yesterday (the one on the left), she was the newest release and well I really loved her hair color, freckles and she even comes with headphones. In a way she is a mini-me blythe as that is pretty darn close to my hair color, I have freckles and I am seldom seen without some type of headphones and nine times out of ten they are pink :O.

I preordered two of the three new prima dollies this morning, Heather Sky (center) and Adorable Aubrey (right). Heather Sky is a hotly anticipated blythe in the blythe community as there are no blythes with darker skin tones, there was even a petition asking the company to release blythes with darker skintones Petition. While I intend on having a small blythe collection (ideally we are shooting for four) I would like a diverse one so I was really interested in her. I also preordered Adorable Aubrey but she is more of a placeholder I will more than likely cancel unless the real photos really floor me.

Whether or not I end up canceling Adorable Aubrey, I think this will complete my blythe collection unless they come out with one with lime green hair (with bangs) or I find the new limited dirt cheap.

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2 Responses to Blythe Taking Over the Nation

  1. I tried to warn you! LOL! More Blythes? Friendly Freckles is so beautiful you will love her ^_^

  2. sodapopandritalin says:

    I’m really going to try and keep a small blythe family, luckily my partner loathes them so he is not so tolerant of them coming in versus the pullips/dals which he kind of likes.

    I blame one of my flickr contacts as they took some really gorgeous photos of her.

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