State of the Union- Pinky Street

Ah the few, the proud the changing clothes figure skating of new feeling which can enjoy recombination freely with spare clothing feeling. What’s not to love about Pinky Street figures they are cheap, they don’t take up much space and they are downright adorable.
Pinky Street
I just now received a package containing the 7 additional pinky street I had ordered. I now own 110 pinkies and I just need 11 additional to have a complete set, not counting the preorders of course. I’ve come a long way from having a 1/2 dozen in a shoe box under my bed lol.

I still need
PK002A Tamae
PK002B Suu
PK004A Moe
PK004B Moe
PK006B Accessory Set
Animate Tencho Yoshiko Figure
King of Fighters Mai Repaint
Mono Camme Ca Version 2
Messerschmitt Repaint
Acchi Kocchi Pinky Street
Pinky Showtime Volume 1 Green


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