State of the Union- Anime Stuff

Got a few packages in today
Not pictured but I also got in my Alter Jo from Burst Angel
And I bought this figure while out in the real world yesterday

Currently waiting on…
Chu x Chu Idol- 1/8 Hiyori Pixy by Good Smile Company
Demon Bane- Al Azif
Final Fantasy Trading Arts Mini Vol. 3: 1Box
Galaxy Angel- 1/8 Mint by Kotobukiya
Galaxy Angel- 1/8 Milliefuelle by Kotobukiya
Galaxy Angel- 1/8 Ranpha by Kotobukiya
Galaxy Angel- 1/8 Forte by Kotobukiya
Gundam Seed Destiny- Meyrin Hawke Megahouse doll
Hayate the Combat Butler- 1/6 Katsura Figure by Kotobukiya
Melancholy of Suzumiya- 1/8 Mikuru Beam Figure by Max Factory
Nanatsuiro Drops – Sumomo Akihime Green/Yellow Ver. PVC by Jun Planning
Neon Genesis Evangelion- 1/8 Asuka resin by Aizu
Neon Genesis Evangelion- Asuka Plush
Neon Genesis Evangelion- Rei Plush
Neon Genesis Evangelion- Shinji Plush
Popotan- Gashapon
Vocaloid – Miku Music Box: Miku Hatsune
Vocaloid – Miku Music Box: Mini Miku
I think that is it.

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