So back in the 1970s there were these quirky dolls that had a unique eye mechanism that when you pulled the string, the eyes color and expression changed. There were four different eye colors/expressions. Unfortunately they were a commercial flop in the US back then… until more recently after Gina Garin published a photography book called This is Blythe. After the publication of the book blythe got a surge in popularity, so much so they started rereleasing them in 2002.

I had appreciated the history behind Blythe for a while now and I had wanted Blythe but always stopped myself from getting one. I did receive the This is Blythe book and Blythe Style book as gifts which helped grow my affection for this strange doll.
Blythe book

I bought an ADG Roaring Red yesterday. She is a reproduction of one of the original blythes (kenners). I was at the store I go to buy re-ment and the owner gave me a phenomenal deal on her, so much so that I could not resist. I have named her Gina after Gina Garin. Just a note she is not wearing her stock (what she came in), she is wearing a dress by Angelberries a super awesome pullip/blythe seamstress that happens to be a friend of mine.
Really she is such an odd doll, she has no eyebrows, she’s shiny and she makes pullip’s head look small and that is saying a lot :p. All that being said I do like her.

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2 Responses to Blythe

  1. Be careful ~ Blythes are highly addictive! AngelBerries dress looks perfect on her 😀

    I had to comment as I was just skimming over your post, scrolling to see the pics when I thought “hold on, that dress looks familiar” so stopped to read ~ AB is a friend of mine too, what a small world!

  2. sodapopandritalin says:

    I hope they aren’t too addictive I already have over 160 pullips/dals/taeyangs I don’t have room for many more dolls lol. Thank you ^_^

    Thanks for commenting ^_^ Angelberries is very talented lady, she has a certain style all her own.

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