Nautical nonsense

Anime related news- My latest batch of pinkies shipped from HLJ but they are coming SAL so they will be a while. I should actually be getting another invoice from them for my Todadora figure and a few outstanding preorders that I believe are out now in Japan.

I have a package that is preparing to ship via EMS that I am very anxious for it has five or six figures in it including my 1/6 Chara-ani Onegai Teacher figure that matches the towel I have hanging above my bed.

I have a ton of figures floating around in the mail now I wish they would start showing up I am getting a tad overwhelmed with new pullip arrivals showing up almost daily. I also need to come up with a top ten list of figure wants as I have officially cleared the last one or will have as soon as my stuff actually arrives.

I just realized that I haven’t actually preordered anything in like three days although I am kind of debating this figure

She’s cute, I have no idea what she is from and I have no desire for the other figure for the show but I really like her color and design.

Gushy pullip news
Jolie & Jouet
Jouet arrived today, her traveling companion was immediately placed up for sale as I don’t need two Jolies. Shameless plug-if anyone is interested in a minty Jolie I am selling her for $85 shipped in the US.
Gelato & Jolie
I love Jouet she is just so damn cute, she is definitely my favorite dal. Limited status aside she has my favorite face up of all the dals, altogether she is just the cutest of the lot. The polar bear suit is just so much better made than Leprotto’s bunny suit too that it just isn’t funny. I kind of regret spending as much as I did on Leprotto but I have no regrets on how much I spent on Jouet even though there was only a $50 price difference. I bought a bunch of supplies today while I was out to make a nautical themed room for Jolie and Jouet to share.

My fourth Papin, Tangerine also arrived today no pictures of her yet as I spent most of today lining up a dal family shot only to realize about six hours later that Tweety was still sitting in one of the shelf top displays ^^; so now I have to reshoot the final shot in the morning. At least I hadn’t put all of the dals away quite yet.

I might be having another pullip meet either this weekend or next weekend with Nightfall and I am having one with Requiem .

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