Quest complete

So you will kind of bear with me until I get the group photo done because until then I will be the super gushy pullip mode. After the photo and the set up and break down of setting up 130 dolls (probably more by then) I will be ready for a break from for a while.
Last two
So I officially have all the pullips… I still haven’t deboxed them or the Oz set for that matter, what can I say I have been busy. I now have a grand total of 102 pullips, 25 dals and 3 taeyangs. I have spent somewhere between $10,000 and $15,000 on pullips since this time last year, I am kind of glad I have them all now so I can slow down. I am not completely stopping because there are still some more pullips that I want for various purposes.

I am really trying to curb my buying but a nude/bald Tweety dal for a good price tripped me up yesterday and a Souseiseki with full stock got me today. I got Tweety because I really like her face up and well I bought a somewhat expensive custom wig for a specific pullip only for it to be a bit too small but it fits perfectly on dal (unfortunately I have no dals in need of a wig).

Why another Souseiseki… this is why she will be a perfect Suzumiya with a rechip and redressed.

I want a Horison like burning but somehow I can’t quite justify buying him.

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