State of the union

Animexing is still processing my order *twitch* I want my damn package of Suzumiya figures…

Tora Dora
I made the mistake of watching the first episode of Tora Dora which resulted in a small order on HLJ last night. I bought the 1/10 scale wave version of the palm top tiger, they had the max factory version in stock as well but I felt the wave rendition portrayed her closer to the anime and *cough* neko ears. Then of course this morning a Chara-ani version of her is announced as well (still debating whether to preorder or not). I also ordered pinky street #6 as they had it in stock and well I don’t own it, plus it will make is so I have the complete run of at least the standard edition pinkies.

Speaking of pinkies I preordered the new series of pinkies 22-23-24 at HLJ last week, surprisingly when I checked last night the Sky Crawlers pinkies were up for preorder the last thing I had read via pinky news was that they were supposed to be Pizza Hut exclusives to be given away like prizes (think CC and her obsession with Cheese-kun ) so I was not anticipating them going up for preorder. Whatever they are cute and one is a boy so finally my Air Gear Agito will have some competition with the ladies.

I have a number of anime figures floating around either shipping or in the processing shipping hopefully they will start arriving soon although I don’t really have anywhere to put them quite yet.I further complicated things by buying more figures this morning including:
Dears- Chara-ani-Ren Figure
Melancholy of Suzumiya-Wave- Tsuruya-san and Kyon’s sister figures
Melancholy of Suzumiya- Max Factory-1/8- Ryoko Figure
Mirorama- Solid Theater- 1/7 Kaede Tsukimiya
I wasn’t really hunting any of them (except maybe the Ren figure) but I found them all for under $100 so I could not resist.

On the pullip front the Wizard of Oz pullip/taeyangs should be arriving later on today. Jouet and Jolie will be here tomorrow. I am not exactly sure when Bouquet, Vivien, and Winter Purezza will be showing up but they should be here within a week. Suiseiseki and Papin (Aspen) are taking their sweet time through international mail. I am getting a 5th Papin as the seller accepted my offer but she didn’t tell me her paypal email address yet so I can’t send payment. I am hopefully having another meet with Requiem soon.

Um yeah I think that is about it at the moment.

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