More insanity

If all goes according to plan I could have as many as 14 pullips/taeyangs/dals all in the mail to me at the same time O_O as of right now there are actually ten in the mail and I am hoping to buy a maximum of four more this weekend. I am not going to keep all of the ones in the mail once they actually arrive I think the reason will become apparent once they actually arrive or if you peak at my profile.

I am pretty much done with pullips except the preorders every month so I gave myself an advance on my dolly allowance to go track down all the ones I still need with a little bit left over for an extra pullip or two. After this weekend I am supposedly not allowed to get anymore dolls besides the preorders (and Isolde) until next year. I was also only supposed to only ever get one pullip so we will see how well that goes lol.

I am so close right now to my goal of having them all, on the one hand I am estatic but on the other hand I have no idea what I am going to do once I have them all.

I have been pondering doing a custom but I don’t know of who or what for sure yet, I do know I don’t want to customize any of my current girls so I would have to get a bait. I do have a few ideas of what I want to do for customs but they are pretty insane most recently I have pondering a Harley Quinn with a Glascow grin which would be utterly gruesome, I have also been pondering making my own Beressa after seeing Requiem’s in the flesh at our last meet or maybe I will make a dark negative version of Leprotto.

If anyone on my friendslist wants first dibs on the Oz taeyangs or a NRFB Jolie let me know otherwise  I intend on listing them pretty much as soon as they arrive on dolly market.

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