More madness

Anime Stuff- My Toyslogic order and my Hobby Search order shipped today. I caved and ordered two figures I have been wanting for a while Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny Kanu Unchou Figure by Alter and Brighter than the dawning blue Feena Fam Earthlight 1/6 Scale by Atelier Sai.
Feena Fam Earthlight
I am particularly excited by Feena as I have been wanting her ever since I seen her in Hawaii last year. I really wanted to buy her then but I only had two empty suitcases to accommodate my anime shopping on the trip and she would have taken up almost a whole suitcase. I really wished I had ordered the figures last week as they had the Peace@ Pieces figure I really wanted but she apparently sold out (I know a few other places that have her but this was the cheapest). I also ordered the other GSC Moetan figure I had not really actively been hunting it but I seen it cheap so I picked it up as well.

Doll Stuff- I went a little bit crazy today, I started by dropping dime and buying Jouet. I bought her from Valley of the dolls and I got Scot’s last one. I paid $825 shipped for her but he did throw in a free Jolie which I will more than likely end up selling because I already have one and I don’t think I like her enough to justify twins. Once Jouet gets here I will own all currently released dals. In one moment of absolute insanity I actually considered buying the Oz set as well today but decided against it for now seeing how I really just want Dorothy.

Then I went back to Hammen Home and blew almost $100 on re-ment and a pair of dal earrings. The earrings were handmade from bottle caps and are actually kind of cool, I ended up buying the Frara pair as she is one of my favorite dals and none of the pullip ones were not really appealing to me today (I was in a dal mood what can I say). I also bought five packages of 1/6 scale weapons ranging from rocket launchers to sniper rifles for the pullips today, what can I say I can’t resist a weaponized Papin. I did buy some customizing materials to play with as well, nothing major but something to keep me busy.

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4 Responses to More madness

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Peace@ Pieces Figure? Which one? I thought you already had them all. As for the Feena I’m really attracted to that one too. I just love the corset top/skirt and sword.

  2. sodapopandritalin says:

    Death Sensei I had bought her before but she sold out, of course the store didn’t bother to tell me they just sent the other stuff along and charged me for it (I ended up having to do a paypal dispute). I do know where I can find her but considering I spent $1500 on pullips within the last 24 hours (and I am probably going to be spending anout $500 on auctions ending in the next day or so) I am really hesitant to do any more buying at the moment.

  3. lovelyduckie says:

    NO WAY! Death-Sensei! Thats awful! I had my Death-Sensei order canceled on me and panicked and scrambled to find another. I eventually found one at AnimeXing.

  4. sodapopandritalin says:

    I had my preorder go into backorder and my other got canceled, I think I am just not meant to have her. I will probably pick her up next week but right now I have decided that I aim to have every pullip I don’t own bought and paid for and on it’s way by Monday.

    I will never order from animexing again I waited over three months for an order of stuff that was all supposedly in stock. Technically I am still waiting as it is just in the shipping process now it hasn’t actually shipped T_T

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