JPGroove Holiday Sale

JPGroove is offering a limited time holiday deal on their website from now until Christmas Eve for every $100 you spend you will receive a special coupon for $15 off your next order of $100 or more. It’s a great deal especially if you want to buy something now and then maybe treat yourself to something nice after Christmas ^_- . It is worth noting that they have several different beginner sets in stock too which come with a doll, two pairs of eye chips, an extra outfit set, a wig and some other goodies which would be great if you are just starting out on your Pullip collection journey or if you just like getting extra surprise stuff with your order! You can view the whole selection of beginner dolls here.

Just don’t forget to use your coupon!

Get Special Coupon Code Reward

Every purchase $100.00 at GROOVE STORE
You can get $15.00 Coupon Code!! (*Total Purchased Item)

START 11/25/2022 AM0:00 (PDT)
END 12/24/2022 PM11:59 (PDT)

    To use your $15.00 coupon code valid to use until 12/31/2022 PM11:59(PDT)
    Coupon Code can use one time only
    Not include shipping fee

 ** How to get your coupon code? ***
– When we,
GROOVE STORE receives your order at GROOVE STORE from
11/25/2022 AM0:00 (PDT) to 12/24/2022 PM11:59 (PDT). We wil contact you to tell your coupon code.

– You can use your coupon code when you will purchase at GROOVE STORE to fill in your coupon code yourself, you order cart can automatic discount $15.00 or more.

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