Sailor Moon x Pullip: Princess Serenity

I apologize as I’m falling a bit behind here again, it’s been a while since I have been able to post up a proper Pullip review here. The latest addition to my Pullip collection is Pullip Princess Serenity so she seems like as good a doll as any to restart my doll reviews here with.

Princess Serenity is a part of the Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration series of dolls, she is the fourth doll released in the line. Princess Serenity was released in late November 2014. She has a MSRP of 17000 yen. For those of you unfamiliar with the Sailor Moon series that are probably wondering why she looks so much like Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity was the princess of the moon who was eventually reborn on earth as the crybaby, school girl Usagi who became Sailor Moon… so she is essentially an alternate form of Sailor Moon, champion of love and justice.

Princess SerenityI believe it!!…. Believe in this universe that everyone is straining to protect!!…The moonshine is a message of the beloved….Feel Like So.

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Sailor Moon x Pullip- First Look at Dal Sailor Chibi-Moon

It’s been almost a year since the last Dal was released so I was overjoyed when I found this promo picture of Sailor Chibi-Moon. For those of you unfamiliar with the Sailor Moon series, Chibi-Usa (Sailor Chibi-Moon’s secret identity) is Sailor Moon’s daughter from the future.

Not much information is available about the release of Sailor Chibi-Moon but I will be sure to update here when more information does become available. At this point, I assume she is to be released in May and probably end up at the 17000 yen price mark like the other Sailor Moon dolls.
Sailor Chibi-Moon DalHonestly, I think she is adorable and that Groove did a great job translating her design into doll form. I feel like it’s going to be a long wait until the May/June time frame when she gets released.

Edit: Groove has just officially announced  Sailor Chibi-Moon via their blog, she is set for a late May release and has a MSRP of 17000 yen.

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Rozen Maiden Pullip Kanaria now up for preorder via Pullipstyle

Just a quick update! I promised in my previous post about Pullip Kanaria being announced/my thoughts on her (which you can read here) that I would update when she became available for preorder via Pullipstyle/JPGroove. Kanaria is now available for preorder via Pullipstyle. She is priced at $132.95 and is expected to arrive in stock around the end of May.

Finally, it’s my turn…. make an outstanding performance after all? Don’t you think JUN…..Feel Like so.

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Rozen Maiden Pullip Kanaria

Although Groove has not discussed Pullip Kanaria on their blog yet, she is up for preorder in a number of places so I figured it was safe to share here now. Pullip Kanaria is part of the second Rozen Maiden x Pullip collaboration series of dolls. Kanaria was previously released as a Dal in 2007 during the first Rozen Maiden x Pullip collaboration, this time she is a Pullip. Hina Ichigo another character from the Rozen Maiden x Pullip series was also previously released as a Dal but released as a Pullip this time, I wonder why the two characters were changed this time around (though I utterly adore Pullip Hina Ichigo).

Pullip Kanaria is the seventeenth overall doll released as a part of the Rozen Maiden x Pullip series and the eighth doll in the second series. I believe she will be the final doll in the series as the second series of dolls seems to be based on Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen which follows the manga series more closely than the original tv series. Barasuishou was created solely for the original tv series and did not make an appearance in the manga/Zurückspulen so I am skeptical at this point of her getting a second release.

Pullip Kanaria has an April release date, we probably won’t see her here in the US until roughly a month later (it takes roughly a month for Pullip to travel to the US). She has a MSRP of 16000 yen.
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Requiemart Doll Sewing Patterns Special

The super amazing Requiemart  has some awesome new value bundle packs of her patterns available for purchase on her etsy shop. Her patterns are very easy to follow, so easy even a sewing newbie like me can follow them (well the beginning/intermediate patterns anyway).

But Klein, what does this have to do with Pullips? All I see are Monster High and Ever After High dolls! As it turns out, it doesn’t have anything to do with Pullips but it does have something to do with Dal, Byul and Isul. The patterns designed for slimline girls will fit Dal & Byul (see the sizing chart here) and the patterns designed for slimline boys will fit Isul (see the sizing chart here). Requiemart also makes patterns for Pullip and Taeyang (which you can see here) but not enough of them to necessitate a value pack yet.

All the value packs are priced at $24.99 and combine several of the smaller pattern packs, clicking on the pictures will take you to the appropriate listing on her etsy shop :)


feminine flair

PS. I’m not getting anything for spreading the word, I’d just love to see some more fashionably stylish dolls out there!

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Isul Nostalgia Lir

Isul is Pullip’s younger brother. Normally I prefer girl dolls so I don’t buy boy dolls very often, the last Isul I reviewed here was Yomi from the Nightmare series of dolls and that was well over a year ago. Out of the blue, I recently decided to buy a few Isuls from Pullipstyle Nostalgia Lir was one of them!

Nostalgia Lir was released in March of 2013 as a companion to his big sister Pullip Nostalgia Merl. Previously in July of 2012, Pullip Merl and Isul Lir had been released with the more traditional blue nautical theme, the dolls had been so popular that Groove decided to release both dolls in a “nostalgia” version. While the outfits were more or less the same style in different colors, the face ups of the dolls were different.

Nostalgia Lir has a MSRP of 12000 yen (approximately $100.23 as of this writing), he is currently on special at Pullipstyle for only $84.95. I had been flirting with the idea of another Isul for a while, I was really drawn to Nostalgia Lir. I had been admiring photos of Nostalgia Lir for a while as I really love his face up and I have an admitted weak spot for dolls with a nautical theme (Mr. Klein was previously in the navy) when I saw that he was on special, I could resist no longer!

Someday over the sea… My dream is to find Mango Island that no one knows… Feel Like So.
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Rozen Maiden x Pullip- Souseiseki & Souseiseki Details Update

Groove officially announced the upcoming releases of Pullips Souseiseki (the blue twin) & Suiseiseki (the green twin) via their blog just now. Earlier tonight I had wrote about their pending release and my thoughts on them in much more detail here, as promised I am just doing a quick update now that official information has become available. The twins have been confirmed for a March release in Japan, which means we won’t get them here in the states until April. They have a MSRP of 16000 yen each.

Animaru the official shop for TBS goods (ie. Rozen Maiden stuff) is one again offering a bonus item to those who preorder from them. Animaru‘s exclusive preorder bonus item for both Souseiseki and Suiseiseki is the same Jun plushie that previously came as a preorder bonus with Shinku. The Jun plushie is still adorable but not adorable enough to pay a premium to get him.

jun plushie

Both dolls are already up for preorder via Pullipstyle: Suiseiseki & Souseiseki.

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