Sailor Moon x Pullip- Sailor Pluto Announced

Groove has just announced the twelfth doll in the very popular Sailor Moon x Pullip series via their blog tonight, it’s Sailor Pluto! Sailor Pluto is due for a September release more details like pricing are still to be announced.

Sailor Pluto is the guardian of the space-time door and is one of the outer sailor senshi alongside Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Saturn.
Sailor Pluto
I can’t wait to see more photos of Pullip Sailor Pluto! Sailor Pluto has a noticeably tanner complexion than the other Sailor scouts in the anime/manga, I would have liked the doll to be a little bit of a darker tan skin-tone but she does have a bit of a tan which I do appreciate and I think it’s a nice tan. I am absolutely wild about her pink lips, they kind of remind me of Papin’s a bit, I’m just absolutely dying to see more photos of her!

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Various Pullip Updates (Pullipstyle Specials, JPGroove Sample Sale, Byul Photo Contest @Dalhouse forum & More)

Pullipstyle Dal Heiwa is back up for preorder via Pullipstyle, they are expecting a shipment of Heiwa in August she is priced at $127.95. For anyone that missed her previously, don’t miss your chance at getting this cutie! She is one of my favorite Dals and just oh so precious <3
Deerie LuA couple of others things of note on Pullipstyle-

– Pullipstyle dropped the price on Sailor Moon x Pullip Luna, she had priced at a rather hefty $144 now she is a much more affordable $127.95.

– As I was browsing Pullipstyle’s website earlier today, I noticed that it seems like there are a few recent additions to their oddly named Friday’s Sale Section. I do not recall seeing the Gothic Version of Taeyang Mi-chan for only $98 or Steampunk Isul Helios for $99.95 previously. I’m really going to have to order Mi-chan soon ^^;

JPGroove JPGroove is having a sample sale, the dolls featured in this sale are dolls that have previously been on display at events such as San Diego Comic-Con. The prices are quite reasonable but it should be noted that these were display dolls so they have been handled, they definitely do not come with stands they may be missing some accessories there are absolutely no returns/refunds/exchanges on these dolls. The sale is an absolutely fantastic way to buy dolls at a great price, I definitely took advantage of the sale and bought some dolls off of my wishlist that I have wanted for quite some time such as Taeyang Natsume and Byul Romantic Queen (just to name a few) but I would not buy from this sale if you want or expect an absolutely mint NRFB doll. Dolls still available in the sample sale as of this writing include Pullip Midnight Velvet, Pullip Neo Noir, Dal Frara and Pullip Catwoman (both versions)  just to name a few there are currently about twenty different dolls available. Also of note, there is free shipping within the US on orders over $175 deal, if you are close to hitting the free shipping minimum cost and don’t want to buy another doll the very stylish Black Peace Now  Campanella or Giovanni outfit sets are currently on special for $30.95 which is almost half off of their normal price!

Other The Dal House forum is hosting Byul-tiful a photo contest for Byuls, I love Byul so I will definitely be participating! For more information please check out the Dal House forum  there are a lot of great prizes up for grabs and I like that it is not an elimination style contest and that you can participate in as many or as few rounds of the contest as you like. I likely be entering with my Byul Princess Minty seen below. Princess Pinky & Princess Minty

Site Updates I made the decision to split the Pullip release list into two parts, I was updating the list to include the latest releases and I realized just how excessively long it had become especially now that we are nearing two hundred and fifty different Pullip releases. Part one contains all the Pullips released between 2003-2008 (all type 1, 2 & 3 Pullips) and can be seen here. Part two contains all Pullips released in 2009 through to the present (all type 4 Pullips) and can be seen here. I thought very carefully about this decision for a while and while I would ideally like to them all in one place, I feel like it would just be too overwhelming for people.

I bought quite a few dolls recently so I’d expect quite a few reviews here in the not to distant future dolls to expect reviews of Princess Pinky, Princess Minty, Ethan, Twilight Destiny, Natsume, Romantic Queen, Nekoneko Mao and more ^^;

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JPGroove rare/older doll sale ending tomorrow

Earlier today, JPGroove made an announcement about the rare/older doll sale via their facebook page.
jpgrooveThe rare choice page will be closed after tomorrow so if there is someone you want from the sale I recommend you do not wait and you get order in now! The fan response for this event has been tremendous, the demand was so high the website crashed at a few points this past weekend because everyone was trying to look at all of the lovely older dolls at the same time. There are still a lot of really great dolls available such as the very pretty Pullip Aquel pictured below so if you have your eye on one of them don’t hesitate to treat yourself otherwise you might regret it.
Annabel Lee
Check out the selection here!

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Older/Rare Pullip Sale at JPGroove

JPGroove has recently unearthed some rare/older Pullips in one of their old warehouses in Hong Kong and have listed them on their website for sale. It should be noted that because these dolls are older they are sold as is, so no returns/exchange or refunds will be given personally I would recommend these dolls for experienced collectors.
There is a certain magic to the old girls, I don’t know how to describe it they seem to have a lot more personality than some of the newer releases. There are some truly special releases available again that are normally incredibly hard to find, I’m really impressed with the selection they even have the best Pullip ever released in my opinion: Papin! There are a ton of other great older dolls like the Another Alice series of dolls, Oren, Sola, Sala, Lala, Purezza, Eos and the 2nd Happy Birthday set just to name a few you can check out the whole selection here!

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Pullip Milk Latte

I feel like I should qualify this review although Milk Latte was an absolutely gorgeous doll, she wasn’t quite the right girl for me so I ended up rehoming her recently. This was in not anyway a negative reflection on her as a doll or the quality of the release, it was a matter of personal preference/taste I love bright colorful face ups and her face up was just a bit too brown for my taste.

Milk Latte was released way back in April of 2013 as the counterpart to Isul Milk Tea. Milk Latte had a MSRP of 12000 yen. I had been considering purchasing Milk Latte for quite some time but her price was $112 on Pullipstyle was $112 and that was a little bit more than I would have liked to pay for her fortunately my patience was rewarded! Milk Latte was recently put in the special’s section of Pullipstyle for a mere $95 which was much more tolerable to my wallet. I ordered her alongside Clorinda way back in April but things are just now starting to calm down again so I can focus on writing more than just updates here.

Milk LatteLed by the Sweet Smell, if you take the little road… You’ll find my very own secret forest… Feel Like So
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Sailor Moon x Pullip – Luna Pullip & Steampunk x Alice- White Rabbit Isul are now available for preorder @Pullipstyle

Rather than doing two really short posts I’ve decided to combine them into one fairly short post ^^;

P153_06_mail_20150616232031e71If I am real girl….. I can become Princess for you…Feel Like So.

Pullip Luna is the eleventh doll released in the Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration. At this point Sailor Moon is second only to Rozen Maiden in terms of number of collaboration dolls released with Groove though Sailor Moon still wins in terms of variety of characters released. Pullipstyle has listed Pullip Luna up for preorder, she is priced at $144 and set for a September release. She is on par cost-wise with the more elaborate Princess Serenity versus the normal Sailor scouts dolls. You can preorder your own Pullip Luna here.
whiterabbitHurry up Alice!!….. I’m a White Rabbit that wound up screw…. Nobody can turn off the gear which continues turning around….Situation Like So.

Isul White Rabbit is the third doll to be released in Alice x Steampunk series, he follows Alice & the Mad Hatter. Pullipstyle has listed him up for preorder, he is priced at $130 and he is set for a September release here in the US. You can preorder your own White Rabbit here and don’t forget to check out previous dolls in the series Alice & the Mad Hatter while you are at it!

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Sailor Moon x Pullip – Pullip Luna details announced!

Groove recently announced the details for the release of Pullip Luna via their blog. Luna’s full model name has been revealed as Luna the Moon Princess Lover Version, I will continue to refer to her simply as Luna as her proper title is far too long to keep repeating. Luna will be the eleventh doll released so far in the wildly popular Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration. She will be released in August in Japan, she will be released a month later here in the US. She has a MSRP of 18000 yen.

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