Azone X Kinikojuice: Kikipop Dolls

These days, it’s not every often that I get excited about something other than a Pullip but the new line of Kikipop dolls has definitely grabbed my attention! Kinokojuice has partnered with Azone  to release a series of fashion dolls based upon the design of her very sought after and hard to find bjd dolls.

When originally announced they were limited and exclusive to Azone’s physical stores in Japan. Luckily a general commercial wave was announced shortly thereafter some time between June and the more vague fall (depending on which website you look at Amiami says one thing, HLJ says another). The benefit of having ordered from Azone is that you will get your dolls in April so you will have your dolls earlier than everyone else. The dolls are priced at 24000 yen (approximately $204 USD as of this writing).

I think I just died from cuteness overload!
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Keely’s Cute Doll Kimonos

One of my favorite etsy shops/dolly seamstresses Keely’s Cute Kimono is currently running a special from now until February 14th you can get 15% off any in stock item using the code: HEARTDAY.  Keely’s stuff is pure quality, I highly recommend her as a dolly seamstress and quite a few of my dolls wear her creations. This is a great chance to get one (or more) of her outfits for a little less than usual though they are honestly well worth the price even at full price.

Lati Yellow Legend of Lati Sophie in a casual kimono inspired dress by Keely

Keely sews for a variety of different sizes including Pukipuki, Pukifee/Lati Yellow, YoSD, MSD, SD, DDdY as well as Pullip and Dal. Her specialty is wa-loli styled kimono.

Maria MDD in a wa-loli kimono by Keely

I really can’t sew like at all so I have a great amount of respect for those who can! I would never recommend anyone that I did not have personal buying experience from, I honestly can not recommend Keely’s work highly enough take advantage of the sale, I know I will!

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Kuroshitsuji ~Book of Circus~ Taeyang Sebastian announced/up for preorder

Last summer, the third season of the Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler anime subtitled Book of Circus premiered in Japan. Kuroshitsuji has been one of the most popular anime collaborations for Groove so of course it should come as no surprise that we are going to get at least one more Kuroshitsuji doll to commemorate the new season. No word yet on if any other characters will be released in doll form again (new version of Ciel) or possibly for the first time (Elizabeth, Beast and Doll would make for absolutely wonderful dolls).

Previously the Kuroshitsuji collaboration debuted with the simultaneous release of Taeyang Sebastian, Pullip Grell and Dal Ciel way back in April of 2009 (they were originally announced for a March release by Jun Planning but were delayed for a month when Groove took over). In September of the same year, new versions of Dal Ciel (Robin Version) and Taeyang Sebastian (Private Teacher Version) were released.  More recently in 2011 mini versions of the original trio were released somewhat ironically Sebastian ended up being the only little Taeyang ever released.

The new Book of Circus version of Sebastian has a MSRP of 18000 yen. Sebastian is due for a February release in Japan, March here in the US.

circusbutler1I got tired to eat out catch-as-catch-can…. The dinner is delicious, so as to be hungry if hungry….
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Dolly Japan Cover Girl Pullip Laura Announced & Available for Preorder via @Pullipstyle

Normally I wait for Groove to release all the details about a new release via their blog before I cover it but seeing how Pullip Laura is already available for preorder, I figured it was about time that I featured her here.

lauraPullip Laura is based on the cover doll featured on the cover of Dolly Japan Volume 2. The second volume of Dolly Japan featured an article focusing on Pullip in Europe, so it makes sense that the gorgeous doll on the cover belonged to a British doll photographer and artist Laura/Pure_Embers. The doll’s make up is by @Babybee (the make up is the same as Pullip Seila who was previously released as a part of the Creator’s Label series) and the outfit is by Momolita.

Pullip Laura has a MSRP of 18000 yen (approximately $153.12 USD as of this writing). She is set for a February release in Japan, we will not get her here in the US until approximately one month later as it takes Pullip approximately one month to make her journey from Japan to the US.

LauraRoll up, Roll up!! Step into my dark world and prepare to be amazed by my Gothic Circus. Come with me… but be warned, you may never want to leave….Feel Like So.
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Pullip Sailor Venus

Pullip Sailor Venus is the third doll released in the popular Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration series. It seems kind of strange that she would be the third doll released considering that she is the last of the inner sailor scouts to join the team. Sailor Venus was released in October of 2014 and has a MSRP of 16000 yen. A special limited exclusive version of Sailor Venus was available through Bandai’s shop that also included her school uniform for 19000 yen.

Sailor Venus was always my favorite of the inner sailor scouts, so I was definitely very excited when she the Pullip was announced for release. I bought my Sailor Venus from Pullipstyle shortly after her release.

Sailor Venus
For Love and Beauty… The pretty Sailor Suited Soldier Sailor Venus!! Scourge and Love… you will be missing!!…. Feel Like So.

Much to my surprise, the above photo of Sailor Venus has gone on to become my most popular Pullip photo ever.

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Pullip Laura (Dolly Japan Volume 2 Cover Model)

Groove released a single teaser photo of a new Pullip via their blog last night. Pullip Laura was announced as an upcoming release but no details such as MSRP or release date are known at this time, she is to properly debut at Doll Show 42 (to be held on January 12th, 2015). If I am reading Groove’s blog correctly it seems even if we did not get a Doll Carnival this season, we may still have hope of catching a glimpse of upcoming releases at Doll Show 42 at least.

LauraRoll up, roll up Step into my dark World and prepare to BE amazed by my Gothic Circus Come with me … but BE warned, you May Never want to leave …!. feel Like So

While Groove may not have told us much about the upcoming Pullip Laura we do know  a bit about this gorgeous girl like she is based off the Pullip featured on the cover of Dolly Japan Volume 2. The second volume of Dolly Japan features a couple of articles about Pullip in Europe so it is very fitting that the cover photo is by Laura/Pure_Embers who is an English doll collector/photographer. I absolutely love her photography and the way she styles her dolls!
I actually managed to get a copy of Dolly Japan Volume 2, the doll on the cover is an absolute delight! She is a completely restyled Pullip Seila wearing a gorgeous gothic circus themed outfit by Momolita. Momolita is not stranger to Pullip, she is most known for her work customizing Blythe but her outfits have been featured on the cover of the first Pullip Mook, she has made the outfits for a couple of different Doll Carnival Auction dolls as well as designed the outfit for the very popular Bloody Red Hood Pullip release which was a part of the Creator’s Label Series. The cover doll is definitely a restyled Seila who was originally a Creator’s Label doll but I wonder if things will change a bit or be modified somehow before she is actually released.

Another photo by Laura featured in Dolly Japan Volume 2

Glancing at the photos that inspired the doll in Dolly Japan, I did notice that some aspects of her design had changed her bodice has changed a little it is not as fitted. The gloves have also changed. The Momolita outfit design is quite ambitious so I’m not surprised that things have been changed slightly mass-producing intricate things like this a grand scale must be nightmarish for Groove. The most glaring thing that stands out for me is the wig, the blend does not seem as well mixed in the prototype as on the cover doll.

I definitely can’t wait to see more photos of this girl as well as learn a bit more about her after all her details are announced.

By the way, I totally recommend picking up a copy of Dolly Japan Volume 2 if you are able to it is 150 + pages long and entirely in Japanese but the photography is absolutely beautiful and it features a wide variety of dolls not just Pullips (Momoko, Blythe, Azone, bjd hell I even saw a few Dollfie Dreams mixed in), there are also some patterns in it and a small how to customize Pullip guide.

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Pullip Meg

Pullip Meg was released in August of 2014, she was one of the few non-collaboration Pullips released last year. Meg really stands out as being unique among last year’s releases, there weren’t many dolls released that were not a part of a collaboration, a recolor of a previous release or a revamp of a previous release and she is just a really well thought-out and solid release.  She really makes me wish Groove/Ars Gratia Artis did more of their own original Pullip designs and less collaborations, it also makes me miss seeing photos from Doll Carnival that much more. I always looked forward to seeing pictures from Doll Carnival to see the prototypes of possible new and upcoming releases to get that sense of hope and promise for the new year but we didn’t get that this year :/

Meg has a MSRP of 16000 yen which honestly still seems a little high to me as that was what the more expensive collaboration releases had been priced at until pretty recently, luckily Pullipstyle has her at a much more reasonable $120. When promotional photos of Meg first surfaced, I honestly liked her because she was at the very least unique and her freckles are so adorable but I was distracted by her garish jacket and her relatively high MSRP. I recently ordered her from Pullipstyle and I was not prepared for how gorgeous this doll is in person.

Vera-Ellen Picnic altogether on this beautiful day… Enjoying my mom’s home-baked muffins as the sun shines down through the trees♪ …Feel Like So
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