Pullip Sailor Mercury to be released in September

More details about the release of the second Pullip in the Sailor Moon collaboration series have finally surfaced today via Groove’s blog. Sailor Mercury is set for a September release, October for us in the states and is priced at 16000 yen. A second version of Sailor Mercury will also be available exclusively via Bandai shop, the exclusive version comes with Ami’s school uniform and is priced at 19000 yen.
Of intellect and water, sailor Sailor, Sailor Mercury! The wearing in water, please reflect on! Continue reading

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Pullips Sailor Moon & Kirakishou 2014 version are now in stock @Pullipstyle

I just wanted to drop a note here that the long anticipated Pullip Sailor Moon as well as the new version of Rozen Maiden Kirakishou are now in stock at Pullipstyle.

Pullip Sailor Moon is priced at $135.
Kirakishou 2014
Pullip Kirakishou is priced at $132.95.

I desperately want both dolls but I unfortunately must wait on both of them for now, maybe next paycheck I’ll hopefully be able to get at least one of them though I honestly have no idea how I would even choose between the two of them. If I am able to get both I will be sure to use the discount code summer20 on Pullipstyle to get $20 off my over $250 order.

Both dolls are also in stock at JPGroove, Kirakishou is priced at $149.95 and Sailor Moon is priced at $145.95 .

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October Release Vampire Queen Pullip Camilla Announced!

Groove announced Pullip Camilla via their blog earlier this morning. Camilla isn’t just any vampire, she is the queen of the vampires. She is very appropriately scheduled for an October release so she will be out just in time for Halloween in Japan anyway… unfortunately we in the US will not being getting her until roughly a month later. She has a MSRP of 16000 yen

My mind, the smell of your blood who love the darkness of the jet-black. Let’s continue wandering forever feel like so.
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Dal Galla

Dal Galla is the first truly ballet themed Dal released, there was another Dal called Milch that was released previously but she always seemed more like an angel than a ballerina. Galla’s appearance ie. outfit/styling is based off of Kitri’s from the Don Quixote ballet. I previously practiced ballet myself for several years so I tend to be drawn to ballet themed dolls even though I no longer do ballet myself. Galla was released in April of 2012 and had a MSRP of 12000 yen.

Galla had been on my wishlist for quite some time but I tend to prioritize the purchase of Pullips over any of the other dolls in the line and it took me a while to get my hands on her even though I loved her ballet theme. I recently spotted a pretty good deal on her and… well good deals have a way of making me re-examine my priorities. 


32 fouettes en tournant, Jump, Raise the leg 48 degrees, And elegantly fly in the air!!!

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SDCC Exclusive Tokidoki Pullip Super Stella

This year Groove partnered with Tokidoki to release a superhero themed Pullip and Dal as SDCC exclusives. Pullip Super Stella and Dal Vendettina were both limited to 250 each and were priced at $130 at SDCC. I love Tokidoki and superheroes so of course I was beyond excited about the dolls unfortunately end of July/first half of August had a lot of expenses pop up all at once (bought a new car, medical expenses related to my daughter breaking her arm and having to go to a specialist as well as tuition for her school which she starts next week) so I wasn’t able to immediately get them.

I finally managed to get my hands on a Pullip Super Stella, unfortunately for our purposes here at least my Super Stella’s box is autographed by Simone Legno the creator of Tokidoki. I have a great love of autographed memorabilia etc  so I can’t bring myself to debox her so I will not be able to do a proper review of her. Since there is a distinct lack of owner photos of her I have decided to share box shots of her at least.

Super Stella
Super Stella in the box with Simone Legno autograph/sketch.
Tokidoki Super Stella IMG_5140 Tokidoki Super Stella

Super Stella comes with a cane/wand and a hair clip in addition to her stock outfit. Her stock outfit consists of a tank top, cape, removable belt, skirt, leggings, boots and gloves. While she does come with a stand, she does not come with a card (Vendettina didn’t either).

Stock quality? Well I haven’t deboxed her but her stock doesn’t impress me as much as Vendettina’s did I am absolutely in love with tights/leggings though. Her wig seems to really soft and silky, the color is really lovely too.
Super Stella Face UpI am absolutely in love with her lips, all Pullips have the same headsculpt for the most part (the head mold changes slightly when a new body is introduced) but Groove is able to make it look like the shape of certain features have changed with the face up. I love the very smiley lip paint job on her. Her eye make up is nice though not extraordinary, it looks familiar to me but I can’t place whose eye make up it reminds me of. She has very striking blue eyebrow. Her eyechips are glittery silver they are similar to Kiyomi’s golden eye chips though I must say I much prefer the silver.
Tokidoki Super Stella
Close up of the sketch/autograph as it’s pretty cool.

Non-autographed Pullip Super Stella is available for purchase via Pullipstyle. Super Stella’s slightly more villainous looking counterpart Dal Vendettina is also available via Pullipstyle, if you haven’t done so already please check out my review of her here. If I ever do manage to get my hands on another Super Stella I will most definitely be posting a full, proper review of her here.

Dal Galla’s review will be next, it is already mostly written up I just keep on getting distracted by other things lately ^^; Beyond that I’m not sure who will be reviewed next my most recent arrivals include Galene, La Robe Vert Clair and Aurora if anyone has any strong feelings about who they wish to be reviewed next please leave me a comment… though I did also receive a Papin lately so I am highly tempted to write like an epic novel length review devoted to how she is the best Pullip ever.

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The Return of Dalicious! Dal Photo Contest on Dolly Market Forum

The fourth round of Dalicious has been announced! Dalicious is a photo contest for Dals on the Dolly Market forum (largest Pullip forum in the US), you don’t have to be a member of Dolly Market to participate in the contest though. Sign-ups opened today, you can enter by sending the following information to Dalicious@dollymarket.net

Forum Name: (or other preferred name if not on the forum)
Dals Name:
Dals Age:
Fun Fact About Your Dal:

A 200×200 picture of your Dal contestant is also required to be put on the contestants page. Signs up run through until September 15th, the contest will begin on September 20th and run through October 25th.

I look forward to seeing all the delightful photos of Dals!

Froggy Dal
Ever wonder what I did with the Dal MIO kit I received from Groove? Requiemart made me a Froggy Dal!

I love Dal so I am very excited that Dalicious will be returning after being on hiatus for a few years. Though I will not be competing this round, I look forward to seeing all the lovely pictures of Dal that will result from the contest. I’m not sitting this round out completely, I will be helping to judge and am currently seeking donations to be used as prizes for Dalicious. 

EDIT: If you are on the fence about competing I should mention that there will be some absolutely fabulous prizes! JPGroove has agreed to donate a wonderful prize for the contest. Pullipstyle is donating a Little Dal + to be used as a prize.  Requiemart is donating any normal pattern from her etsy shop to be used as a prize. 

I completely forgot to mention that the coupon code DALBYUL5 is still active and is good for $5 off any Dal or Byul (except Silane and Vendettina) on Pullipstyle. If you don’t own a Dal yet and want to compete or you have your heart set on using a certain Dal you don’t own yet as a competitor there is still plenty of time to get in your order in! 

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Fate/Kaelid Liner Prisma Illya Mini Dollfie Dream

I’ve been focusing a lot on Pullips here recently and neglecting to write about some of my other toys and joys. Today, I’m going to focus on the newest member of my Dollfie Dream crew: MDD Prisma Illya!

Volks is most famous for making ball jointed dolls but they also make vinyl dolls called Dollfie Dreams. While standard model Dollfie Dreams do exist, most of them are based off of characters from popular anime/video game series. Dollfie Dreams are normally sold at Doll Party events in Japan, leftovers are then sold via web lottery (you win the right to buy, not free dolls had someone ask me this recently >_<) there are few and therefore very precious preorder dolls as well.

One of Volks’ most frequent collaborators has been Type Moon, so far a total of eleven Dollfie Dreams have been released based on various Type Moon properties including five different versions of Saber. In 2009, a Mini Dollfie Dream based on the likeness of Illyasviel von Einzbern in the Fate/Hollow Ataraxia  was released. Illya had always been one of my favorite Type Moon characters so I tried and failed to win her via Volks web lottery, I was eventually able to get her but not until quite a while afterwards. A new version of Illya was released this past March, this time based upon her appearance in the  magical girl manga/anime Fate/kaelid Liner Prisma Illya series.  As soon as I heard of Prisma Illya’s my heart was filled with joy but also dread as Dollfie Dreams have increased in popularity and the lotteries have only become more competitive over the years. It always seems like MDDs are produced in smaller quantities so the competition seems that much more fierce for them. I entered the international lottery and was not exactly shocked that I didn’t win, I also entered through We Love Dolls and just when I had given up hope and was starting to comb through Yahoo Japan auctions I got the email letting me know I had won. Prisma Illya has been here since May trapped in her boxy prison, I just recently decided to debox her and take some pictures of her.
Prism Illya

Why did I wait so long?
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