Various Pullip News Updates (Sailor Moon x Pullip etc)


  • More pictures highlighting Princess Serenity and Sailor Venus surfaced via Groove’s blog last night.
  • Pullipstyle has opened up preorders for Sailor Mars, she is priced at $135 and is due for a January release.
  • JPGroove has also opened up preorders for Sailor Mars as well as Princess Serenity; Mars is due for a January release and is priced at $145.95  and Princess Serenity is due for a late December release and is priced at $159.99
  • JPGroove now has little Pullips/Dals/Byuls back on their website, they have a pretty good selection including some of the older minis which are very hard to find these days. Very tempted to snatch up some of the older ones I’m missing.
  • It seems a bit strange to me that we have not heard anything about Doll Carnival yet. Doll Carnival is an annual event put on by Jun Planning/Groove in Japan every year that normally happens some time between mid-November and late December. Doll Carnival is normally exciting because prototypes of possible future releases are displayed and there is a limited edition exclusive doll such as the original Dal Jouet or Pullip Isolde.
  • I have acquired a copy of Dolly Japan Volume 2, I will be sharing some photos from it here in the next few days.
  • The recently arrived Pullip Sailor Mercury will be the next doll reviewed here, she will be followed by Pullip Hina Ichigo… after that, I’m not sure I did recently acquire a second Super Stella Pullip so I have one to debox/photos, plus La Robe Vert Clair, Aurora and a few others have been on the backburner for a while.
  • I’m sorry that my updates have become a bit infrequent recently but I have stuff going on my personal life right now so I don’t have as much time to focus on dolls as I normally do, my sister-in-law Chelsea Bruck is still missing and that situation still consumes a lot of my time.

Lots more promotional photos of Princess Serenity and Sailor Venus behind the cut.
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Sailor Mars Pullip announced for December Release

Groove finally released more photos as well as details about the upcoming release of Pullip Sailor Mars via their blog. She is set for a December release in Japan, which means unfortunately we will not see her until January here in the US. Sorry Rei you won’t be home in time for Christmas!
Sailor Mars
Sailor Mars is priced at 16000 yen. So far she is the only doll announced for a December release in Japan, I wonder who else we will see this month probably not another Sailor Moon character but maybe another from the Rozen Maiden collaboration line or ::gasp:: maybe something designed by Groove…. dare I hope for a Dal?
Scouts Group
I really feel like each release in the Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration is consistently getting stronger, I’ve still only got Sailor Moon so far myself but I look forward to eventually adding the rest of the girls to my collection as well (though I’m still undecided about Princess Serenity).
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Pullip Sailor Mars Announced! Various other small updates

A single photo of the latest doll in the Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration has surfaced via Sailor Moon official site it’s the fiery Pullip Sailor Mars.
Sailor Mars
No information on pricing/release date has been released yet, I would guess based on past releases in the Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration that she is going to have a MSRP of 16000 yen and probably a December release. There will more than likely be some form of a Bandai store exclusive item (shinto outfit? school uniform?). I’m definitely interested in seeing more pictures of her.

Various other small updates!

  •  I have updated the post about the release of Mi-chan and Nana-chan with more  information about the two different versions of Taeyang Mi-chan as it has become available.
  • I’ve gone through and updated/corrected all of the release lists.
  • This all arrived on Saturday from Pullipstyle, Pullips Hina Ichigo and Kirakishou from the 2014 Rozen Maiden x Pullip collaboration as well as Taeyang Gackt, an older Pullip outfit set and a Pullip Marianne notebook.  Gackt has been on my radar for a while but he hadn’t been a priority, this one came from the dentbox section. His arm came out of the socket at the shoulder joint it’s a really easy fix  so I could not resist the bargain!

Package from Pullipstyle

  • In personal news the search continues for my sister-in-law Chelsea Bruck, she is never far from my thoughts and the search for her continues to occupy most of my time. The generosity of the community continues to overwhelm me. I pray that we somehow find her safe and sound soon!
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Please Help find Chelsea Bruck! #findchelsea

Normally I prefer to keep this place pretty well devoid of information about my personal life as I tend to be a pretty private person but I am facing a major family crisis right now and the only way I can help right now is by spreading the word. My sister-in-law is missing! Her name is Chelsea Bruck, she has been missing for over a week now.
Chelsea attended a Halloween party on the 25th of October, she was last seen around 3 AM  on the 26th at Post Road (where the party was held) in Newport, Michigan.  This was a Halloween party so she was dressed up for Halloween, she was dressed up as Poison Ivy. No one has seen or heard from her since, she did not have cell phone or wallet on her at the time of her disappearance. I’ve seen a lot of vile comments elsewhere on the internet because one of the last pictures of her that surfaced was of her with a giant wine bottle but that was part of her costume, it had food coloring in it and a poison label on it because she was Poison Ivy haha, how cute and clever. She made the Poison Ivy costume herself.

If you were at the party and know something please come forward, if you are hesitant about coming forward because of underage drinking/pot or whatever don’t be the cops aren’t going to care if you have information we desperately need it! We all just want Chelsea found.

The story has started getting picked up on a national level, she’s been featured twice on Nancy Grace now and it’s spreading to more and more news agencies every day. Monroe is a small town, the community has been amazingly supportive of the family during this time of need. People have been amazing volunteering, putting up flyers, the bank where my mother-in-law works just recently changed locations and is allowing the family use the old location as a headquarters for the search parties (Monroe Bank & Trust – Newport Branch 8799 Swan Creek Rd, Newport, MI 48166).

I really want to put emphasis on the fact that she is not wild and crazy party girl that would run off, the family is extremely close-knit she still lived at home and doesn’t even drive her parents drove her to and from work (why? well I seem to recall her parents receiving a panicked phone call a couple of years back while they were visiting when she backed the van out of the garage and into the garage door) . She is one of us, she loved Final Fantasy VII and VIII, her favorite anime is Fruits Basket and she is a huge Doctor Who fan. She is a really sweet girl, we need her home!

I am not in Michigan, at least not yet. After much discussion with Chelsea’s brother/my husband it was decided that we should not tell our six year old daughter that her favorite aunt is missing until we know what happened for sure, I have chose not to alter her daily routine as I don’t want her to be stressed out she wouldn’t understand all this.

For anyone interested in helping there is a facebook group which I help moderate (which is insanely time consuming I’ve been at it like 20-22 hours a day for almost a week now), a gofundme page. It would be a great help even if you just shared Chelsea’s missing flyer via social media with the hashtag #findchelsea . If you know anything or think you might know something I urge you to contact the sheriff’s department at 734-240-7700 or the crimestoppers tipline at 1-800-773-2587.

We will not stop searching until Chelsea is found. The local sheriff’s department will hold a news conference at 1pm tomorrow.

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Pullip Shop Updates

November Releases
Pullipstyle has opened up preorders for Pullip Nana-chan and Taeyang Mi-chan Gothic Mode Version on their website. Nana-chan is priced at $127.95 and Mi-chan is priced at $144 both dolls are set for a late December release. Something of note with Mi-chan it appears he actually comes with the white pajamas as well as the plaid outfit set, the limited version which Pullipstyle is not able to offer at this time just comes with the pajamas.
Me-chan Gothic Version Me-chan
Pullipstyle also just got October’s releases in as well as a big restock shipment, which means I got shipping confirmation for Rozen Maiden 2014 Hina Ichigo and Kirakishou YAY! Soon I will be complete… at least until they announce more Rozen Maiden Pullips.
Also of note, Pullipstyle has really ramped up their social media game and now have a  active Facebook page.

In other news, JPGroove has opened up preorders for Princess Serenity. She is priced at $159.99 and is set for a December release.

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More Pullip/Taeyang Releases Announced for November!

Groove has announced a new Pullip as well as two new Taeyang releases for November via their blog last night. The new dolls join Princess Serenity from the Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration who had already been announced for a November release. Previously Groove had announced that Michan would be releasing an album “7-5 Drowsy” in Japan and that two custom dolls would be featured  on it’s cover. The cover was an alternate limited edition variant.
The custom Taeyang pictured on the alternate album cover was based on Michan himself, the custom Pullip Nanachan seems to be inspired by his cat.
November Releases
When pictures of the pair first surfaced of the pair on Groove’s blog back in August the fan community seemed to be rather taken with them and a lot of people hoped that they would eventually get made as releases especially since there has only been one Taeyang released this year. I guess Groove heard all our prayers.
November Releases

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Sailor Moon x Pullip Collaboration- Pullip Princess Serenity is now up for preorder @Pullipstyle

Pullipstyle has opened up preorders for the latest doll in the Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration Princess Serenity. The Princess is set for release in December here in the US and is priced at $144. You can preorder her here. Don’t forget that Pullipstyle still has a coupon code currently available good for $20 off an order of $250 or more so why not preorder Sailor Venus too, while you are at it?
Princess Serenity
I believe it!!…. Believe in this universe that everyone is straining to protect!!…. ….. The moonshine is a message of the beloved….Feel Like So.
Princess Serenity
Pullipstyle has also recently stepped up their social media campaign and are now actively using their facebook page. They’ve had a facebook page for a while now but they had not really utilized it, I recommend liking them for the latest updates.

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