JPGroove Updates: Ai Dolls, Doll Cases (Angelic Pretty & Rozen Maiden) and MIO kits oh my!

JPGroove made a bunch of very interesting additions to their website recently including Ai Dolls and Pullip carrying cases.

Ai Dolls are small ball jointed dolls made of ABS plastic previously released by Jun Planning (their release continued under Groove), eventually dolls were released with one of four different facemolds. I have built a FAQ for Ai Dolls here previously, it has lots of information including which dolls have which headmold as well as sizing information. You can check out JPGroove’s full selection of Ai Dolls here.  The original MSRP for Ai Dolls was 15000 yen, which really is not a bad price for a dressed bjd with face up but they are now priced at less than $50. As of this writing they still have 24 different Ai Dolls available (you can see the full release list of Ai Dolls I have compiled here).
I only have a small handful of Ai Dolls unfortunately I only have two dolls in common with JPGroove as of this writing (I may be tempted to order one or two more at that price). I only have Bee Balm who is actually my favorite of the Ai Dolls and has the rarest facemold only used for four different releases.
Bee Balm


The other is Beloperone, the little court jester another favorite of mine.
One thing I must say about Ai Dolls is that of all the Jun Planning/Groove dolls they definitely seemed to have the most varied and creative releases.
Ai Doll Group Shot

Doll Cases
The Angelic Pretty Pullip Case was released a few years ago, I honestly completely forgot about it until I saw it in Groove’s recent email. The case was released in collaboration with Angelic Pretty so it is extremely cute and would be great as a carrying case for any of the lolita dolls or Alice du Jardin like pictured above.
It’s a very cute case that is both designed to be a carrying case as well as a closet, the chair/throne is designed to be removable so that you can hang clothing in the case.
Very Cute and tempting case!

Even more interesting than the Angelic Pretty Case is the very rare and sought after Rozen Maiden case, it is designed to just be for display but I have hauled dolls around in mine. It is extremely well made. This is one of my favorite all-time Pullip related things, I already have one but I pounced on ordering a second one as soon as I saw them on the website so my Rozen Maiden Pullips no longer have to fight my Volks SD Suiseiseki for the case.

Other things of note, JPGroove is running a free shipping on most items within the US special until Christmas Eve. They also have preorders open for MIO Pullip and Taeyang kits oh and that free shipping within the US through Christmas Eve I mentioned that seems to count towards preorders as well.

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Favorite Ribbon Pullip

Favorite Ribbon was released alongside La Robe Vert Clair in January of 2014, both dolls were part of Groove’s first ever triple collaboration. Groove collaborated with lolita clothing company Baby, the Stars Shine Bright as well as famous models Misako Aoki and Fukasawa Midori to release dolls based upon the likeness of the models wearing clothing designed by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. Favorite Ribbon is based on Misako Aoki who is a nurse as well as a model so in addition to the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright designed outfit she also comes with a pink nurse’s uniform. The Favorite Ribbon collection was previously available as human sized lolita clothing via Baby, the Stars Shine Bright it was designed in collaboration with Misako Aoki source.

I was lucky enough to order Favorite Ribbon via Pullipstyle before they sold out of her, while she is no longer available via PS JPGroove still has one available via there website as of this writing.

Favorite Ribbon
With Ribbon that connects many times…..A girl can become happy and a shining princess…. Feel Like So.

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Pullip x Sailor Moon: Sailor Jupiter details announced!

Groove just announced details via their blog about the release of the latest doll in the Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration- Sailor Jupiter. Sailor Jupiter is the final member of the inner senshi to be released in doll form. Jupiter is set for a January release in Japan, so we will not get her in the US until February. She has a MSRP of 16000 yen. As we have seen previously with the other dolls in this collaboration series, Bandai’s shop once again has an exclusive version of Sailor Jupiter that comes with her school uniform as a bonus item the exclusive version is priced at 19000 yen and is available exclusively through Bandai’s shop here.

Sailor Jupiter
Of thunder and courage, sailor Sailor, Sailor Jupiter! Thereby regret much numb!

Sailor Moon x Pullip
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Taeyang Mi-chan LE Version preorder opens @JPGroove

Mi-chan is a Japanese singer, earlier this year a Pullip and Taeyang were pictured on an alternate cover of his new album at that time it wasn’t known if the dolls were just customs or if they were possible future prototypes. Groove announced the dolls as releases for November (December in Japan), two versions of Taeyang based on Mi-chan himself as well as a Pullip called Nana-chan based on Mi-chan’s cat (read about their announcement here). The Gothic Mode version of Mi-chan is the general release, the original version is the limited version of only 300. Of those 300, 30 very lucky random people will receive a doll with an autograph by Mi-chan. The somewhat unusual but also very cool thing about the dual Mi-chan releases for collectors is that of the two versions the limited version is actually the less expensive of the two as he only comes with a basic outfit.
JPGroove has just opened up preorders for the limited version of Mi-chan he is priced at a mere $95.95… oh and did I mention that JPGroove is offering free shipping for most items in their store within the US between now and Christmas Eve? Talk about temptation though I think my heart still belongs to the lovely Nana-chan.
Mi-chan is due for release later this month along with the Gothic Mode Version of Mi-chan and Nana-chan.
The Gothic Version of Mi-chan is available for preorder via JPGroove and Pullipstyle, Nana-chan is also available for preorder at JPGroove.

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Pullip x Sailor Moon Collaboration: Pullip Sailor Jupiter Announced!

A single teaser photo of Pullip Sailor Jupiter surfaced via Groove’s blog last night. No information on release date and/or MSRP is available yet but my guess is she will be a January release in Japan and have a MSRP of 16000 yen (same as the other sailor scouts). There will undoubtedly be a limited version of Sailor Jupiter with an exclusive accessory available exclusively via Bandai’s shop, I assume it’ll more than likely be her school uniform but we shall see.
Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Jupiter is the last of the five inner sailor senshi to be released though the sixth doll released overall as a part of the collaboration. I honestly think they did a pretty nice job with her, I look forward to seeing more promo photos of her.

I will update this as more information about Sailor Jupiter’s release becomes available.

On a somewhat related note, Sailor Venus will be on her way home to me very soon.

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SDCC Exclusive Tokidoki Pullip Super Stella

Earlier this year, Tokidoki paired with Groove to release the Tokidoki themed superhero pair Pullip Super Stella and Dal Vendettina as SDCC exclusives. Both of the dolls are limited edition, only 250 of each doll were produced (no certificate). I was extremely fortunate and able to attain a Super Stella whose box had been autographed by Simone Legno, the creator of Tokidoki. It was absolutely amazing but I was so torn I wanted to play with her but in the end I could not bring myself to debox her so I posted an almost non-review of her here. I still really, really wanted to have a Super Stella to play with so I ended up ordering another Super Stella this time via Pullipstyle.
Super Stella
She arrived last week and I didn’t waste any time deboxing her so I could play with her.

SDCC Tokidoki Dal Vendettina x Pullip Super Stella We will defeat evil with our unparalleled cuteness! Also neither of us have a feel like so.

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J-dolls are back @Pullipstyle

It’s been an interesting week for fans of non-Pullip Jun Planning/Groove dolls, first JPGroove listed a bunch of Hestias doll on their website earlier this week and now Pullipstyle suddenly has a noticeable influx of J-dolls. A total of 47 different J-dolls are now available via their website which is almost the entire run, they are priced anywhere from $29 to $76 each (most are priced under $50). I’m honestly really impressed with their selection as they have some of the J-dolls that are next to impossible find like Ermou who had been on the top of my J-doll wishlist for like years as I had been unable to find her and who is now on her way home to me. You can check out Pullipstyle’s J-doll selection here.
What are J-dolls? J-dolls are 1/6 fashion dolls. They are top fashion models who travel around the world, their names are based on famous streets which corresponds to their fashion style. While they do not have an eye mechanism like Pullip, they do have inset eyes which have a wonderful sense of depth to them.
Via Appia
Sometimes when compared to Pullip, it definitely seems like J-dolls had the more interesting fashion designs and they definitely had the more unique fashions it’s awesome to such variety in a doll line.
J-doll and Pullips share body types so their clothes are interchangeable which means us Pullip collectors can totally steal their stylish clothing for our Pullips :).  J-dolls released before 2009 have the same body as type 3 Pullip and all J-dolls released 2009 or later have the type 4 Pullip body (comparison picture here: warning doll nudity!).
A rewigged Pullip Tiphona is wearing J-doll Kleber Avenue’s stock outfit in the above shot, obviously the hat didn’t fit but everything else did like a glove.


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