Various Pullipstyle Updates (Preorders open Steampunk Alice/Sailor Uranus & new campaign)

Pullipstyle Updates

Steampunk AlicePullip Alice in Steampunk World is now up for preorder on Pullipstyle’s site here.  She is priced at $140 and she is expected to be in stock towards the end of July.

P_148_04Pullip Sailor Uranus is also up for preorder on Pullipstyle’s site here. She is priced at $135 and is also expected to be in stock towards the end of July as well.

pullipfashPullipstyle announced via their facebook page yesterday that they would be starting a new reward campaign. Orders with three or more full-sized dolls ( full-sized dolls include Pullip/Dal/Byul/Taeyang/Isul does not include MIO kits/Sasha/Pang-ju/J-doll) will receive one of three older Jun Planning outfit sets free! The outfit you receive is random but the three available options are shrine maiden, police or waitress. The outfit sets are designed for type 2/3 Pullips so they are tad loose on the newer type 4 Pullips but they still look pretty cute. I don’t have the police uniform myself yet but I do have the shrine maiden outfit set as well as the waitress outfit set, since they are not that commonly seen these days I figured I should include a couple of pictures of my dolls modeling the outfit sets.
Sailor MarsPullip Sailor Mars models the shrine maiden outfit which is all too perfect for her as her civilian identity Rei Hino is a shrine maiden.
Sailor MercuryPullip Sailor Mercury models the waitress outfit.

I’ll be sure to add photos of the police outfit set as soon as possible.

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Sailor Moon x Pullip: Sailor Uranus Pullip Details Announced!

Alice in Steampunk Land was just one of the two Pullips that Groove recently announced via their blog, the other is the latest doll in the Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration series Sailor Uranus! Sailor Uranus is the 9th doll announced in the Sailor Moon x Pullip. She is scheduled for a June release in Japan (July here in the US) and has a MSRP of 17000 yen.

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, Sailor Uranus is one of the outer scouts that doesn’t show up until a bit later in the series. She has a relationship with Sailor Neptune in the original Japanese version the relationship was romantic but in the Americanized butchered dub they were “cousins” who were just very, very close (hilarious video evidence).

P_148_03So by being invited to the new era, Sailor Uranus, brilliant success ….. feel like so
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New Pullip Announced Alice in Steampunk World

Groove recently announced a new Pullip via their blog. Pullip Alice in Steampunk World  is a combination of two very popular themes for Pullip, Alice in Wonderland and Steampunk World. Groove and Jun Planning before it really seem to have a special fondness for Alice in Wonderland, a total of 11 dolls (Alice in Steamland World will be #12)  have been released of the titular character  has been released and that is not including minis (6) or dolls based on other characters from the story (there are so many I’m afraid I’ve lost count). Although both of her themes (steampunk & Alice in Wonderland) are both themes we have seen before on Pullip, Alice is still kind of unique and special because she is the first non-collaboraton original Ars Gratia Artis designed doll announced to be released so far this year.
Steampunk AliceRiding on the steam locomotive ,,, Clockwork I wonder Let chasing the white rabbit …..
Alice in Steampunk World is scheduled for a June release in Japan (July in the US) and has a MSRP of 18000 yen.
Judging from this photo from Doll Show 43 that Groove had posted to their blog recently, it seems as though Pullip in Steamland World may be the first doll in a new series of Alice themed dolls. It seems like we may get a matching Alice Dal as well as possibly a Mad Hatter Pullip? I keep on hoping and praying that Groove will eventually release a Pullip Cheshire Cat, how awesome would a Steampunk themed Cheshire Cat be? The potential on that one is pretty mind blowing.
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Dolly Japan Magazine Exclusive Pullip Alura

Some additional pictures of Dolly Japan Magazine Exclusive Pullip Alura have surfaced via Dolly Japan’s blog. She also appears to be available for preorder via Hobby Japan (Dolly Japan is one of their sub-brands). Hobby Japan has her priced at 19,440 yen and set for an October release, preorders are open until July 3rd.
AluraPullip Alura is a collaboration between Mistubachi@BabyBee (face up) x  Momolita (outfit) x Laura (photographer/stylist) . It’s really nice to be able to get a closer look at Alura. Pullip Alura has the same style of new eye chips as Pullip Laura has, they are quite dynamic looking! She does have the same face up as Pullip Laura who has the same face up as Pullip Seila but her overall styling is quite different than the other two dolls. I think this look really suits her nicely, it really is amazing how versatile one face up can be!
AluraI really hope that we see some more photos of her at Doll Show 43 over the coming days, Groove has mentioned via their blog that there would Pullip prototypes on display there.

Pullip Alura comes with two different outfits, I actually find myself preferring the black simple but elegant black dress look over the other more elaborate look. I love the style of the other outfit but I find myself wishing the shirt was more of a stark white as I feel it would compliment the rest of her outfit better.

I definitely look forward to seeing more pictures of Pullip Alura in the future, I will try and keep things updated here as more information becomes available about Pullip Alura. I am still hoping that she is eventually able to be offered by JPGroove.

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Dolly Japan Exclusive: Pullip Alura

Groove also teased another doll on their blog earlier today! Pullip Alura is another collaboration with British Pullip photographer Laura who previously collaborated with  Momolita and Mitsubachi to bring us Pullip Laura. This new girl Alura has the same make up style as Seila and Laura so it is very fitting  that Alura’s name is an anagram for Laura.
Dolly Japan Exclusive: AluraAlura is said to be a Dolly Japan magazine exclusive how these types of things normally work is there is an order sheet in the magazine, you mail it in with your money and you get your item a few months later (I know this from years of experience with anime figure magazine exclusives). There is no word on release date just yet, I will be sure to update as more details become available. I am hoping that JPGroove is able to offer her for distribution here in the US so those not in Japan that don’t have access to the magazine are able to get her as well.

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Sailor Moon x Pullip – Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune Pullips Revealed!

Groove has revealed the next two dolls in the Sailor Moon x collaboration series via their blog last night. Not a lot of details have been released about Sailor Uranus (blonde) and Sailor Neptune (green hair) yet, they do not have a set release date but I am guessing they will probably be released in the June or July time frame. There is also no word on MSRP but I assume they will be 17000 yen like the majority of the other Sailor senshi. Both dolls will be on display at Doll Show 43 Spring on May 5th, I really hope that some good photos from the show surface so we can get a closer look at these two!
Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune
I think both dolls look utterly fantastic so far! I look forward to getting a closer look at them in subsequent promotional photos.

I’m not really back yet, I’m still dealing with a lot of real life stuff at the moment but I was excited by this announcement when I saw it so I wanted to share it as soon as possible and frankly I NEED the distraction right now.

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Rest in peace Chelsea!

I’ve been grappling with the decision whether or not to post this here for the past couple of hours. I generally do not like to post about my private life at all. On October 26th my sister-in-law Chelsea Bruck went missing after attending a Halloween concert/party in Newport, MI I had posted about her disappearance previously. Happy endings don’t exist, a body was found on Friday and law enforcement confirmed earlier today that it was Chelsea’s. The Monroe News has more details than I care to really go into in their article here.
ChelseaChelsea was one of the kindest and sweetest people I have ever known, I just can’t even process this right now it’s so surreal. I’m so sorry Chelsea, please know that you were loved and you will be missed dearly that doesn’t begin to do you justice but we love you and we haven’t stopped thinking about you the entire six months you were missing. I’m going to be away for a few days while I try and make sense of all this, I just can’t do this right now.

If anyone has information related to this case I urge you to contact the Monroe Sheriff’s department 734-240-7700

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