September Pullip Releases Announced Pullips Scarlet & Rozen Maiden Hina Ichigo

Groove announced two new Pullips slated for release in September via their blog early this morning.  Pullip Hina Ichigo is a continuation of the newer Rozen Maiden collaboration series which started earlier this year with the release of Pullips Shinku and Keikujyaku and continued with the subsequent releases of Suigintou and Kirakishou. This is the second time that Hina Ichigo has been released in doll form by Groove, in the previous collaboration series she was released as a Dal rather than a Pullip. While Dal’s diminutive stature suited Hina Ichigo’s character, her sour expression did not as it seemed like the only time Hina Ichigo wasn’t smiling in the original anime series was after Suiseiseki stole her strawberry daifuku! Pullip Scarlet on the other hand is not a collaboration but an original design, she is a bold contrast of red, black and white.  She looks quite dramatic compared to the super sweet Pullip Hina Ichigo.

The Releases: Pullips Hina Ichigo & Scarlet
P125_A4 P125_A4

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Pullip Beary Fairy Kiyomi

In January 2012, Groove simultaneously released  the first two dolls in the Beary Fairy series Dal Dalcomi and Byul Secomi they were followed by the release of Pullip Kiyomi in May of that same year. Somewhat surprisingly, Isul Gosomi a new doll  in the Beary Fairy series was recently announced for release in June of 2014. After the announcement of Gosomi’s release, I realized that I had never did a review of Kiyomi despite the fact that I’ve owned her since slightly after her release so I figured a review was well past due.

I bought Kiyomi from Pullipstyle long ago, so long ago that I either failed to take box shots when I deboxed her or if I did they are lost somewhere in my photo archives. Kiyomi had a MSRP of 12000 yen.

Down the soda pop river… through the ice mountain… together with jelly bear… I’m going to take hold of cotton candy kingdom… Feel Like So.

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SDCC exclusive Tokidoki Pullip and Dal revealed!

Tokidoki revealed the SDCC exclusive Pullip and Dal collaboration dolls today: Pullip Super Stella and Dal Vendettina!
Tokidoki SDCC Dolls revealed
Both dolls are limited to 250 each, it is unknown if they are being sold separately or only as a pair or how much they will cost. Will update when more details become available!

Initial thoughts- I LOVE THEM! Super-cute superheroes!

Super Stella is a rainbow delight! I had a feeling with a  name like Vendettina she would be a bit of a villain.

EDIT: Some additional information has become available about the dolls.

  • They will be sold separately and will be priced at $130 each according to Tokidoki’s facebook page (link).
  • Some additional photos of Vendettina and Super Stella have surfaced via the creator of Tokidoki Simone Legno’s instagram account (link). Simone Legno also said via a comment there they may be sold on Tokidoki after SDCC (assuming they don’t sell out at SDCC, of course).
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JPGroove announces SDCC releases, also Sailor Moon at @SDCC

JPGroove just posted the following on their facebook.
Groove announcement for SDCC

No pictures yet but the news is exciting! I’M DYING FOR PICTURES especially since all the past Tokidoki collaboration Pullips have been so amazing.
Tokidoki Luna & Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Violetta & Tokidoki Lunarosa
Also a Tokidoki Dal? That’s a first. Sailor Moon will not only be on display, a small number will actually be available for purchase. I wonder what the rare past Pullip family dolls are. I could not be more excited about this announcement! As soon as pictures become available I’ll be sure to update!

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Pullip Hino

I recently purchased Pullip Hino from Pullipstyle, I had been thinking about getting her for a while after seeing some truly lovely owner photos of her so when I saw her in the dentbox section I was powerless to resist.

Decorate with whatever I live however I like….Feel Like So

Last year, Groove had a We♥Pullip exhibit at Shibuya PARKO as part of the festivities they had a special Student Challenge Cup competition that was open to design students. The winner of the design challenge was Hitomi Sato of hitomaterial  (you can see all of the entries extraordinary releases page here). The winning design is pictured below.

Pullip Hino is a collaboration with Hitomi Sato. She was released in November of 2013 and has a MSRP of 15000 yen.
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Revolutionary Girl Utena- Utena figure

I figured it was just about time for an interlude or a moment of respite where I do not focus on dolls here as I couldn’t remember the last time I wrote about something other than a Pullip here. Revolutionary Girl Utena is one of my favorite older anime series, I consider it to be almost criminal that there was barely ever any merchandise from it during it’s original run. It’s still kind of feels funny to me to think of Utena as an older anime series now, I still remember eagerly waiting for the fansub tapes to arrive at my local comic book store. Last year a glorious 1/3 Azone doll of Utena was released, I was kind of halfheartedly browsing Yahoo Japan recently searching for her when I spotted this lovely figure by Sega Prize.

The Utena figure was released late May, it’s a Sega Prize so it has a MSRP of a mere 1800 yen. There is another figure of Utena this time by Megahouse forthcoming (details here), I was initially very excited about it as it was Utena but something about it made me hold off on preordering her. I think I will wait for owner photos to make a decision about her especially since I am very satisfied with the Sega Prize.
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Preorders for Pullips Meg & Classical Alice Sepia version now open @Pullipstyle

I just wanted to drop a note here that Pullipstyle has opened up preorders for Pullips Meg and Classical Alice Sepia Version. Both dolls are due for a September release here in the states (August in Japan).
Meg is a sweet country girl, she is priced at $120 her listing can be viewed here.
Classical Alice Sepia Version
Classical Alice Sepia Version, another Alice this one is done up grey-scale so she is kind of unique and interesting. She is priced at $112.95 and her listing can be viewed here.

I’m still undecided about these two girls, I’m sure I’ll get both of them eventually (especially Meg who I love and adore) but I’ll probably hold off on preordering. Right now I am prioritizing preordering Pullips Sailor Moon and Rozen Maiden Kirakishou… not to mention still waiting on news of what the SDCC doll(s) may be.

Pullipstyle seems to have had a restock today in addition to listing the new dolls up for preorder… Dal Icarus is back in stock, she has been on the top of my wishlist for a while now dare I? Pullip Hino or Beary Fairy Kiyomi will be the next doll I review here, if anyone has a strong preference as to which doll should be reviewed next please comment!

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