Rozen Maiden Pullip Suigintou

Back in late 2006 through 2008 Jun Planning collaborated with TBS to release a series of dolls based on characters from the Rozen Maiden anime series. Last year a new Rozen Maiden television series called Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen aired which was much more faithful to the original manga. The new tv series ushered in a new collaboration with Groove and a new series of Rozen Maiden Pullips. While the dolls are based on the same characters they look a little bit different this time around as they are much more faithful to the original manga design/design from the new tv series.

A new version of Rozen’s first doll Pullip Suigintou was released in May (June for in the US). The original Pullip Suigintou was released over seven years ago in January of 2007. The MSRP for the 2014 version of Suigintou is 16000 yen. I purchased my Pullip Suigintou from Pullipstyle, come to think of it I bought my original Pullip Suigintou from them as well way back in the day.

SuigintouLet’s begin the Alice Game….Feel Like So.
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Penny the traveling Yeolume

Penny is a custom Yeolume Podo by Myufish, currently she is traveling all around the US visiting various members of the Dolly Market forum. Penny and her incredible journey were masterminded by community member Pixachii, an ardent fan of Yeolume. This month is my turn with Penny! She will be here for about a month before returning to Pixachii and subsequently being raffled off to one of the participants of the traveling Yeolume project.
Penny the Traveling Yeolume
Penny arrived last night and I took her out on our first adventure together today.
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SDCC exclusives Tokidoki Pullip Super Stella & Dal Vendettina now available @Pullipstyle

Just wanted to drop a note there that the SDCC exclusive Tokidoki themed superheroes Pullip Super Stella and Dal Vendettina are now available via Pullipstyle. They are priced at $150 each and both dolls are a limited edition of only 250 so don’t delay.
I highly recommend Vendettina (you can read her review here). Photographing Vendettina has been somewhat bittersweet she’s amazing but she isn’t mine. I’m unfortunately going to have to abstain from ordering the dolls myself for now as I’ve recently had a lot of expenses pop up one after another. I hope that by some miracle that they are still available next month

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SDDC Tokidoki Dal Vendettina

As a change of pace, instead of showcasing pictures that are not mine from SDCC I’m going to showcase the SDCC exclusive Tokidoki Dal Vendettina who does not belong to me. This year Groove partnered with Tokidoki to release two Tokidoki themed superheroes Pullip Super Stella and Dal Vendettina as SDCC exclusives. Both dolls were limited to 250 and were priced at $130 each. Groove has previously collaborated with Tokidoki to give us Pullips Luna and Lunarosa, then Groove paired Tokidoki with Hello Kitty to give us the super amazing Violetta earlier this year.

I had asked someone to pick the dolls up for me but I hadn’t heard back, I hesitated to ask my SDCC source that took all the pictures for me as I didn’t want to potentially be obligated to pay for two sets of dolls. I did ask my SDCC source to pick up the Dal for a friend of mine that lives overseas, it has a layover here before going on to it’s proper home but I was told I could photograph her to my heart’s content until sending her on….
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SDCC Pullip Photos: Groove’s Booth

This year Groove has partnered with Tokidoki to release Tokidoki themed superheroes Pullip Super Stella and Dal Vendettina as SDCC exclusives. You can read about their reveal here or check out some in box photos of the dolls that were very graciously given to me so that I could share them by a friend here. A small quantity of Pullip Sailor Moon was also available for advance sale at JPGroove‘s booth, though I don’t seem to see any boxes of her in the photos I received this morning. My friend who had sent me the pictures yesterday just sent me some pictures of JPGroove’s booth this morning and has very graciously agreed to let me share the photos here again!

Upon seeing these photos I was initially filled with despair as so many lovely dolls are available at SDCC including a large number of older models that are no longer available like anywhere. On the bright side, while I do wish I could have attended my wallet is incredibly thankful that these dolls are all safely out of reach.

Several recently released dolls on display in this booth, posing them all must have taken a while. The top row has dolls from the Classical Alice series (Isul Classical Mad Hatter, Pullips Classical Alice & Queen), the new Rozen Maiden series (Pullips Kirakishou, Shinku and Suigintou) and the Vocaloid Series (Pullips Miku and Sakura Miku). Kirakishou 2014 hasn’t been released in the US yet so I was kind of surprised to see that she had been on display, I’m really excited about her. The bottom row has dolls from the Starry Night Cinderella series (Taeyang Prince Ramiro, Pullip Princess Dahlia Cinderella and Isul Fairy Lumiere), the Alice du Jardin series (Pullips Alice du Jardin & Alice du Jardin Mint) and the Snow White series (Taeyang Twilight Destiny, Pullips Snow White & Midnight Velvet). Clicking on the links above will bring up my reviews of the dolls, if you want to learn more about them .It looks like the very bottom two rows are filled up with a mix of dals and byuls for sale.
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SDCC Pullip Photos Sailor Moon, Tokidoki Superheroes Vendettina & Super Stella – Part 1!

If you somehow haven’t heard the news already, this year’s SDCC exclusive Pullip and Dal are Tokidoki themed superheroes you can read more about their reveal here. An amazing friend of mine is attending SDCC this year, tonight was preview night. She has very graciously sent me some pictures of the exclusive Pullips and Dal dolls and given me permission to share them here! Needless to say these are not my photos (or my dolls for that matter), the photographer wishes not to identified at this time.

Why is this round one? I’m hoping to have more pictures to post here tomorrow, particularly of JPGroove’s booth.

First and foremost, the one named Sailor Moon!
Sailor Moon was released last week in Japan, the US release schedule is always one month behind so she isn’t supposed to be released here until late August. JPGroove was able to offer forty Pullip Sailor Moon for advance pre-sale at SDCC. I hear these are disappearing quickly!
I can’t wait until she gets her full US release next month!

The boxes from the SDCC Tokidoki dolls. These boxes are amazingly colorful and a lot more exciting than the boxes from previous SDCC exclusives. Simone Legno, the creator of Tokioki is also at SDCC as this year I’d die to get one of the doll boxes signed by him (particularly the Dal’s).

Super Stella to the rescue!
Super Stella looks pretty great in the box, I’m glad to have a better look at her face up. Her eye chips are out of this world! She appears to come with some sort of a wand that was not seen in the promo photo, I’m glad she comes with a cool accessory.
It kind of occurred to me when I saw the box photos of Super Stella that maybe rather than a proper superhero she is supposed to be a cosplayer that dresses up like a superhero like many of the people attending SDCC.

The few promo shots that were available of Vendettina didn’t show her without her mask off so I was super excited to see what was hidden behind the mask. I was quite pleasantly surprised with the dramatic blue eye make up, she is just gorgeous! I’m still not entirely sure if she is supposed to be a superhero or a villain but I am absolutely in love with her. Also not seen in the promo photos she appears to come with some sort of wand.
Vendettina is only the second Dal released this year, I was very excited that another Dal was to be released especially since she is a part of a collaboration with Tokidoki.
Details shot! If I could only have one it would be the Dal but both the dolls are absolutely amazing.

Pullip Sailor Moon is available exclusively at JPGroove’s booth during SDCC, she is still available for preorder at Pullipstyle and/or JPGroove for release in late August. Tokidoki Superheroes Super Stella and Vendettina are available at both JPGroove’s and Tokidoki’s booths at SDCC, it is not known at this time if they will be offered outside of SDCC.

A very special thank you to my dear SDCC friend for the photos <3

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September Pullip Releases Announced Pullips Scarlet & Rozen Maiden Hina Ichigo

Groove announced two new Pullips slated for release in September via their blog early this morning.  Pullip Hina Ichigo is a continuation of the newer Rozen Maiden collaboration series which started earlier this year with the release of Pullips Shinku and Keikujyaku and continued with the subsequent releases of Suigintou and Kirakishou. This is the second time that Hina Ichigo has been released in doll form by Groove, in the previous collaboration series she was released as a Dal rather than a Pullip. While Dal’s diminutive stature suited Hina Ichigo’s character, her sour expression did not as it seemed like the only time Hina Ichigo wasn’t smiling in the original anime series was after Suiseiseki stole her strawberry daifuku! Pullip Scarlet on the other hand is not a collaboration but an original design, she is a bold contrast of red, black and white.  She looks quite dramatic compared to the super sweet Pullip Hina Ichigo.

The Releases: Pullips Hina Ichigo & Scarlet
P125_A4 P125_A4

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