Pullipstyle Valentine’s Coupon Code

Pullipstyle just announced a new coupon code for Valentine’s Day via their Facebook page. Code truelove is good for 10% off anything on the website (preorders appear to have been taken off the website for now)

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentine’s Day eve! To celebrate Valentine’s Day we are announcing a new limited special use code truelove to get 10% off on any purchase on the website (please note that all preorders have been removed from the website). This special is only good until 11:59 PM MST 2/14/2019

A few caveats

1) We have preemptively removed some items including preorders from the website as they are not included in the sale, they will return to the site once the sale is over.

2) We reserve the right to limit quantities!

3) We can not add the code to an order once an order has been placed, so please remember to use the coupon code! Coupon codes can not be added to pre-existing orders.

4) Offer is limited to stock on hand unless specifically noted otherwise.

5) The mobile version of the website does not have a place to input coupon codes, if you are unable to checkout on a computer please use pc view of the website to checkout.

Please understand that we are currently very busy packing orders right now so response times may be a bit slower than usual.



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