Another @Pullipstyle coupon code

Pullipstyle posted another coupon code via their facebook page last night classic which is good off some older yet still very classic Pullips on their facebook page last night.


Hello again, we’ve still got about an hour and half left on our 2016 coupon code (use code sweet16 for $10 off on a selection of Pullips released in 2016) but I figured I would go ahead and announce another coupon code for you all! Use coupon code classic for $10 on a selection of classic Pullips that were released in 2012 or earlier.

Coupon code is only good from now until to 11:59 PM 1/27/2019 MST so act fast!

New coupon code is available immediately and the other still has until 11:59 PM 11/26/2019 only one coupon code can be used per an order so choose wisely!

Dolls included are:
Pullip Tiphona…
Pullip Romantic Alice…
Pullip Alice du Jardin…
Pullip Tokidoki Luna…
Pullip Nanette…
Pullip Regeneration Moon…

Coupon code is only good from now until to 11:59 PM 1/27/2019 MST so act fast!

Few Caveats-
1) Coupon code only applies to the specified dolls.
2) The mobile version of the website does not have a place to input coupon codes, if you are unable to checkout on a computer please use pc view of the website to checkout.
3) We reserve the right to limit quantities!
4) We can not add the code to an order once an order has been placed, so please remember to use the coupon code! Coupon codes can not be added to pre-existing orders.
5) Offer is limited to stock on hand unless specifically noted otherwise.

While this is yet another useful coupon and a good deal it’s unfortunately not really something I can use as I already have all of these lovely ladies myself but if any of you out there reading this has your eye on one of these girls yourself now might be a good opportunity to add them to your collection.
Tokidoki Luna
Though Tiphona is a really excellent choice as well.

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