Pullipstyle Coupon Codes!

Pullipstyle shared all of their currently active coupon codes via their facebook page earlier today, if you are on facebook I recommend following their page for the latest coupon codes/store updates.

Who doesn’t love a sale? Here are all of our currently active coupon codes:

Before we begin a few caveats
– Only one coupon code per an order
– Coupon codes can not be added to an already placed order. 
– If you would like to use a coupon code you need to check out using the PCversion of the website the mobile version doesn’t support coupon codes ^^;

Usako10 is good for 10% off a selection of our favorite anime dolls.
Dolls included in this promotion are as follows:
Pullip Sailor Moon
Pullip Sailor Mercury
Pullip Sailor Mars
Pullip Sailor Jupiter
Pullip Sailor Venus
Pullip Sailor V
Pullip Sailor Uranus
Pullip Sailor Neptune
Pullip Sailor Pluto
Pullip Sailor Star Fighter
Pullip Sailor Star Maker
Pullip Sailor Star Healer
Dal Princess Small Lady
Dal Sailor Chibi Moon
Taeyang Tuxedo Mask
Taeyang Sebastian Book of Circus Version
Rozen Maiden Pullips Suiseiseki, Souseiseki, & Kanaria

Luts5 is good for $5 off a purchase of $75 or more of Luts wigs or Make It Own/MIO products (eye chips, wigs, shoes DOES NOT INCLUDE KITS).

Isul5 is good for $5 off any in stock Isul except for the Sailor Moon collaboration Isul Helios.

Dalbyul5 is good for $5 any in stock Dal or Byul.

10off250 is good for $10 off any order of $250 or more.

15off350 is good for $15 off any order of $350 or more

20off450 is good for $20 off any order of $450 or more


I think all of these coupon codes had been shared previously at one time or another but what really struck me is the variety in the codes, there is a coupon for almost everything! Hmmm I wonder which coupon code I should use….

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