Pullip x Sailor Moon- Eternal Sailor Moon Pullip Details Announced!

Groove released additional information regarding the release of Pullip Eternal Sailor Moon as well as more photos of the upcoming release via their blog last night. Pullip Eternal Sailor Moon is set to be released in September in Japan, here in the US we will not get her until one month later. There will be both a standard release version of Eternal Sailor Moon which will be available for purchase worldwide as well as an exclusive version that includes a bonus outfit available for purchase only from Bandai Shop.The standard release version has a MSRP of 22,000 yen (approximately $297.55 as of this writing) and the exclusive version has a MSRP of 25,000 yen (approximately $224.48 as of this writing).The final season of the original Sailor Moon series Sailor Moon Sailor Stars was never released in the US so I’m going to take a moment to explain Eternal Sailor Moon for the people who may not be as familiar with the series. Eternal Sailor Moon is Sailor Moon’s final transformed form, it is her second most powerful form second only to Neo Queen Serenity. This form is so powerful that it often can’t be held for very long before it utterly exhausts Usagi, when exhausted she reverts to her Super Sailor Moon form.

Ever since the Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration series was first announced, I had been hoping that an Eternal Sailor Moon Pullip would be released. Eternal’s outfit has been faithfully recreated by Groove, I’m impressed by the level of detail that has been achieved. Eternal Sailor Moon features a triple tiered skirt in yellow, red and blue, while I know it isn’t the proper term for them I love her “bubble” sleeves that she has her in Eternal form as well as her wings!
Eternal Sailor Moon has a gorgeous face up that is very similar to Super Sailor Moon’s face up, they are both transformed versions of Usagi so it makes sense that they would look similar to one another but now I kind of find myself wishing I would have held off on buying Pullip Super Sailor Moon in favor of Eternal Sailor Moon.
Super Sailor Moon face upPullip Super Sailor Moon’s face up photo for comparison. The eye makeup appears to be identical but the lips and the eyebrows might be a little different, the most notable is the addition of the moon symbol on the forehead as Eternal Sailor Moon does not have a tiara like the other forms of Sailor Moon.
My only complaint is that Eternal Sailor Moon does not come with her Eternal Tiare wand that she used during the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars series, I know I shouldn’t really be surprised by this as only the original version of Sailor Moon came with her wand none of the other dolls came with any of the weapons/wands they really should have Sailor Saturn for example should have came with her glaive.

Back view of the outfit!
Bandai Shop once again has a bonus school uniform clothing set exclusive available only to those who order from them. The MSRP for the exclusive version is 3000 yen higher than the standard version for a total of 25,000 yen and can only be preordered here (if you are outside of Japan you must go through a proxy to purchase from Bandai Shop).
Eternal Sailor Moon comes with Usagi’s Juuban Municipal High School uniform, at the beginning of the the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars manga/anime Usagi and most of her inner senshi friends all begin attending the same high school with the exception of Rei. I always really liked this school uniform, I really hope that Groove starts making the outfit sets available for separate purchase as I would love to have one of these school uniforms for Ami, Makato and Minako as well.

I will be sure to update when Eternal Sailor Moon becomes available for preorder!

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1 Response to Pullip x Sailor Moon- Eternal Sailor Moon Pullip Details Announced!

  1. Tenko says:

    I actually like the way her sailor uniform looks here than in the series proper. They draw the bubble sleeves as circles. Circles! I like the frilly sleeves on the Pullip much more.

    I wish the school uniforms were sold separately too. I have Ami with her middle school uniform and I’d love to get a high school one for her.

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