Pullipstyle Opens Preorders for June restocks and MIO kits!

Groove still hasn’t made any new doll announcements in a while but Pullipstyle has opened up preorders for items they are anticipating in stock around late June. Pullipstyle is anticipating restock shipments of Pullip Classical White Rabbit as well as Premium Pullip Kiyomi Mint Ice Cream Version, the new version of Kiyomi is one I had waited on and missed out on so I’m really glad to see she has come back around again. I will definitely not miss my chance to get Premium Pullip Kiyomi this time around, I’ve already preordered her!
Perhaps the most interesting thing that is now available for preorder are 5-packs of Natural MIO or Make It Own kits, this is the first time that Pullipstyle has offered preorders for any MIO kits or multi-packs for that matter. I know a lot of people had expressed desire that the MIO kits be available for preorder and to buy multiples when they are in stock but logistically having 200-300 separate preorders for kits would be a nightmare for Pullipstyle to sort out so I feel like this is a happy medium, especially since only a limited number of the multi-packs are available for preorder. The MIO 5-pack can be preordered here.

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