Pullips invade Little World stores in Japan!

Someday I would love to visit Japan, it’s been something I have been wanting to do for a long time now but that just hasn’t been possible for me due to my living a somewhat complicated life with far too many responsibilities that make even taking a few days off to go to the US Pullip convention PUDDLE nearly impossible nevermind spending a few weeks on the other side of the world. In the US, Pullip is rarely seen in physical stores most of the major US retailers are online only so it’s always fascinating to me when Groove posts photos of various store displays featuring prominently featuring Pullip in various stores in Japan. Several years ago now, there was a store called Animadness that sold anime figures and had a really nice selection of Pullip, they were a few hours away from me. Animadness unfortunately closed but I remember how nice it was to actually be able to see a variety of the dolls up close…
@AnimadnessThis picture was from one of my last trips up to Animadness, so many dolls in it were common then but have since become pretty hard to find. All these years later, I still miss Animadness T_T.

Groove recently shared photos on their blog of three Japanese stores who carry Pullip. I know seeing Pullips at stores shouldn’t be such a surreal concept to me because I have seen them at Animadness in the past but I nevertheless get very excited about this type of thing. I really need to start making a list of all these stores that Groove has featured so I know where to visit when/if I ever do make it to Japan.

Little World Gear Store Osaka (Address: Osaka prefecture Osaka city Chuo-ku Chuo Ward 7-7)
Photo of the entrance, I love the giant billboard!
I feel like I could probably spend hours here looking at all the different doll stuff, all the great doll clothing options and I even see 1/3 scale Azone dolls underneath the Pullips.
They seem to have a nice selection of Pullips available for purchase including Pullip Harley Quinn Dress Version, Pullip Wonder Woman Dress Version, Creator’s Label Pullip Lupinus, Pullip Sweet Eve, Pullip Bonnie, Taeyang Dodo in Steampunk World, Dal Alpin as well as a Creator’s Label Quince mostly hidden behind her, Dal Cherry Sweet, Dal Alice in Steampunk World, Isul White Rabbit in Steampunk World and Isul Eder.
Pullip Eve Sweet and Isul White Rabbit in Steampunk World are an unlikely duo but I must say they look quite nice on display together here!

Little World G-Store Fukuoka Store (Address: Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka-shi Chuo-ku Chuo Ward 3-16-21 Nakamura Family Building 1F 2F)
Photo of the entrance!

While the store may not be very large they have a lot of variety and a nice range of products.
Creator’s Label Pullip Lupinus and Dal Quince are prominently featured in the display case. This store has a nice selection of dolls including SDCC Pullips Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn (these seem to be the original versions not the newer releases), Dal Alpin, Creator’s Label Dal Quince, Dal Cherry Sweet, Dal Dana, Pullip Optical Alice, Angelic Pretty Pullip Marie, Creator’s Label Pullip Lupinus, Isul Caros, Isul Eder, Pullip Eve Sweet, Pullip Bonnie, Dal Alice in Steampunk World, Isul White Rabbit in Steampunk World & Taeyang Dodo in Steampunk world.

Little World G – Store Sendai store (Address: Miyagi ken Sendai shi Aoba-ku Central 3-8-3 Peace Building Sendai Ekimae 2F)
Photo of the entrance.
furo5The store appears to have a nice selection of different brands and products including azone clothing/dolls as well as cu-poche from Kotobukiya.
Lots of great dolls on display here including Dal Dana, Isul Caros, Pullip Optical Alice,  Creator’s Label Dal Quince, Creator’s Label Pullip Lupinus, Dal Cherry Sweet, Pullip Eve Sweet, Dal Alpin, Isul Eder, Pullip Bonnie, Angelic Pretty Pullip Marie and on the bottom shelf an unknown Dal, Pullip Katina, Taeyang ReonHARDT, what I believe are the SDCC Pullips Wonder Woman Dress Version and Harley Quinn Dress Version. I love that they displayed small promotional pictures of the dolls on their respective boxes. 
Dal Alpin & Isul Eder were released in November of last year, I really need to get Isul Eder to go with my Alpin ^^;.

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1 Response to Pullips invade Little World stores in Japan!

  1. KatsCauldron says:

    overhead for stores that are rl brick and mortar are so expensive now. I bet there are a couple stores in LA and SF in their respective Little Tokyo areas but can understand why they don’t have an shops known over here right now. There are precious few doll stores because people will go in to look at the dolls but buy them online for cheaper

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