Closer look at Pullip Cheshire Cat/new eye mechanism via Groove’s blog

Groove had announced a new Pullip eye mechanism function that would be debuting with the releases of Pullip Cheshire Cat in Steampunk World and Pullip Taffy via their blog a while back. The new function would allow the eyelids to be closed into two different positions meaning the doll’s eyelids could now be slightly lowered in addition to being fully opened or completely closed. Groove just recently announced that unfortunately Pullip Taffy would not have the new eyelid function  but that Pullip Cheshire Cat would still have the new eyelid function –link.
While it is unfortunate that Pullip Taffy no longer has the new eye mechanism feature, it is somewhat fitting that the Cheshire Cat would be the Pullip to debut this most curious new feature! Earlier today Groove posted some out of box photos of Pullip Cheshire Cat via their blog including some of the new eye mechanism function in use.
Above is the open traditional default position for the eyelids.
dscn7935Above is the new partially closed position for the eyelids, it kind of reminds me of some of the older Type 1 Pullips where their eyelids were partially visible. I like it is kind of a knowing look and it suits Cheshire Cat especially well.
Above is the traditional closed position for the eyes.
I am so happy that Groove posted these out of box photos of Cheshire Cat today! I absolutely can not wait for Cheshire Cat to be released later this month here in the US. Pullip Cheshire Cat is still available for preorder via Pullipstyle and/or JPGroove (Pullip Taffy too via PS/JPGroove).

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1 Response to Closer look at Pullip Cheshire Cat/new eye mechanism via Groove’s blog

  1. KatsCauldron says:

    OH! I love her! I hoe you will gett her as well as the other steampunk girl and post tons of pictures so I can live vicariously through your post of her/them!

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