SDCC Sale on JPGroove reminder!

Just a quick reminder that the coupon code SDCC2016 for JPGroove‘s website is only good for a little bit longer. If you have been waiting on placing an order especially for the SDCC exclusive dolls Pullip Harley Quinn and Pullip Wonder Woman delay no further as time is almost out!
JPGroove even posted a photo of the dolls on display via their facebook page, Harley Quinn looks especially nice! I unfortunately am going to have to abstain from ordering at this time as I spent way too much on my other SDCC items (so many Funko Pop exclusives this year T_T).

Also I apologize for delays here recently, especially regarding Pullip Bonnie and Pullip Marie who I hope to have posted up later tonight. I’ve been working on revamping the site and every time I come here to do their write ups, I think of something else to work on and end up working on that >_< . Tough weekend for me.

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1 Response to SDCC Sale on JPGroove reminder!

  1. KatsCauldron says:

    I too really like Harleyquin! She is just adorable but am saving for a resin bjd boy I want to get to keep my 1/4 sized females company

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